MLB's Hottest WAGs

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIMarch 19, 2012

MLB's Hottest WAGs

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    The smell of freshly-cut grass, the sounds of corked, leather-covered balls hitting the thick wood, the calm buzzing of the crowd...there's nothing quite like the serenity of the diamond.

    But the baseball domain possesses one beautiful aspect that is truly worth overanalyzing, worth dissecting and studying.

    Oh yes, the beautiful wives and girlfriends who peruse the Major League stadiums and prance about our minds continue to excite fans with sultry photo shoots and supportive exclamations.

    Let's take a look at the hottest WAGs currently gracing professional dugouts.

    Grab those gloves; you won't want to miss these opportunities.

35. Missy Coles: Michael Schwimer

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    With 6'8" closer Michael Schwimer looking to find a permanent spot on the Phillies major league roster, he figured he better secure himself a sexy model to compliment his repertoire.

    Considering he trains with Brooklyn Decker's man, Andy Roddick, in the offseason, it's easy to see why fitness extraordinaire Missy Coles was the choice.

    Similar tastes indeed.

34. Amber Marie Seyer: Barry Zito

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    While she can be seen in ads and on the cover of Miss Missouri USA 2007 history books as the former winner, Amber Marie Seyer is now making news as the upcoming wife of pitcher Barry Zito.

    She must be the last one on Earth who can't hit Zito's curveball.

    Definitely a keeper.

33. Dallas Latos: Mat Latos

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    Like his beautiful wife, Reds fireballer Mat Latos is a budding star in the baseball world, reeking of potential.

    After becoming the first pitcher in Padres history to win four of his first five career starts, it was clear Latos was something special...but that was before his scintillating wife won us over with numerous Kodak moments.

    She continues to make history.

32. Julianna Zobrist: Ben Zobrist

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    While Ben Zobrist carves out a solid career at second base for the feisty Rays, his wife attracts eager fans with a dark and ominous nature that demands curiosity.

    With her melancholy presentation, Christian singer Julianna Zobrist seems headed to the top of the beautiful WAG chain.

31. Erin Cronin Robertson: David Robertson

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    Like any routine diamond couple, Yankees pitcher David Robertson and Erin Cronin met while the former was playing Cape League baseball in the summer of at first sight, as the two married in '09.

    But what's truly unique about this established pair is their collective heart, as their charitable foundation called "High Socks for Hope" was established in an effort to help 2011 tornado victims in Robertson's hometown of Tuscaloosa, Ala

    $100 for every strikeout Robertson recorded during the season; yeah, his wife can offer a proud smile.

30. Shannon James: Hunter Pence

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    From model Terrie B. to Playboy Miss May 2007 Shannon James, it's clear Hunter Pence has some serious game away from the diamond.

    A .292 career average is just icing on the cake.

29. Brooke Villone: Ron Villone

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    While many fans know Brooke Villone mainly from her spot on Baseball Wives, we must really commend her loyal nature away from the spotlight.

    Considering "Suitcase" Villone has played for 12 teams during his adventurous career as a relief pitcher, it's safe to say his wife and three kids are now traveling connoisseurs.

28. Susannah Moreland: Mitch Moreland

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    Sure she's competed in the Miss Alabama and the Miss Teen Sweetheart pageants, but Susannah Moreland now seems more inclined to dominate the WAG world with her curvaceous nature.

    After hitting .259 with 16 home runs and securing this beauty by his side for good, Mitch Moreland proved to fans he was here to stay.

27. Joanna Garcia Swisher: Nick Swisher

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    With bridesmaids like Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Reba McEntire by her side, actress Joanna Garcia's marriage to outfielder Nick Swisher was set to be a memorable and obviously-humorous event.

    Hopefully Jerry Ferrara and Mark Sanchez didn't attend...Sigler couldn't handle such distraction.

26. Leslee Holliday: Matt Holliday

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    Truly love at first sight, Matt Holliday and his clearly-distracted wife met on a blind date in 1998 and were married in 2000.

    Holliday's .315 career average is a testament to the beautiful support he garners at home.

25. Misty May-Treanor: Matt Treanor

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    While Matt Treanor's .225 career average may significantly pale in comparison to his wife's 107 career wins, it clearly didn't hurt his chances with the athletic beauty.

    We deeply miss Misty May's vivacious youth.

24. Aura Avila: Ronny Cedeno

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    For those who believe the Mets signed infielder Ronny Cedeno for his work around the bags, just check out sexy Venezuelan bikini bombshell Aura Avila.

    His double-play ability on the diamond pales in comparison to his sexy wife.

23. Stephenie LaGrossa: Kyle Kendrick

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    While she first garnered fame as a contestant on the triple entente of Survivor: Palau, Survivor: Guatemala and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, it was Stephenie LaGrossa's popularity that had us in awe.

    The wife of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick saw her coolness rating peak at 97 percent and finish at 92. 

    Time to move over, Heidi Hamels.

22. Heidi Hamels: Cole Hamels

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    OK, don't leave yet...

    Sure she's graced the cover of Playboy, but it was Heidi Hamels' actions in the sixth season of Survivor that really had us dropping our jaws.

    After she and another female contestant agreed to strip naked in exchange for peanut butter and Oreos, it became clear this beautiful former teacher was headed for greatness.

    2008 World Series MVP for husband Cole Hamels...yeah, she's living large.

21. Jennifer Utley: Chase Utley

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    Seemingly an older version of Megan Fox (which isn't too bad), Jennifer Utley is easily the sexiest part of her husband's game.

    While Chase Utley rehabs from knee tendinitis, his wife waves at fans and smiles at cameras.

    Just putting food on the table as usual.

20. Emily Greinke: Zack Greinke

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    Miss Daytona Beach USA 2008, Cowboys cheerleader, established baseball wife...Emily Greinke has seemingly done it all.

    But now, she's adding pretentious whiner to her repertoire.

    Try sitting in nosebleed heaven, then we'll talk.

19. Michelle Damon: Johnny Damon

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    While he's looked like a misguided caveman since his early days in the league, Johnny Damon has built quite the career for himself, currently fifth among active players in career hits with 2,723.

    But as he continues to search for a new team, Damon will look to vivacious wife Michelle for recommendations.

    Whatever fits her is fine with him.

18. Lindsay Clubine: Clay Buchholz

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    After tossing a no-hitter against the Orioles in only his second start, it was clear Clay Buchholz was something special.

    He then bagged himself Penthouse Pet of the Month Erica Ellyson for a short period of time before securing television model Lindsay Clubine as his one and only.

    A scorching resume indeed.

17. Jennifer Lopez: Felipe Lopez

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    Once a budding star shortstop on the Reds, Felipe Lopez seemingly took a tumble in 2006 after he was traded to the Nationals, committing a league-leading 28 errors.

    But his beautiful non-singing wife J. Lo was there to make it all better...for Washington fans, that is.

16. Lisa Dergan Podsednik: Scott Podsednik

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    As Scott Podsednik continues to marinate in the Phillies farm system, us fans keep enjoying his wife's provocative array of sexy moments under the eager lens.

    Playboy Playmate Lisa Dergan Podsednik has shoved her husband deeper into the shadows with every sultry presentation.

    And we never lose interest.

15. Jennie Finch: Casey Daigle

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    Perhaps the most dominant softballer ever to peruse the surface of the Earth, Jennie Finch now resides at home with her family, naturally supporting longtime husband and Giants minor league pitcher Casey Daigle.

    We expect sons Ace Shane Daigle and Diesel Dean Daigle to be currently preparing for spots on the mound, each one warming his shelf for future Cy Young Awards.

14. Torrie Wilson: Alex Rodriguez

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    Perhaps Alex Rodriguez needs a physical, hard-nosed retired wrestler to knock him around a bit, straighten him up.

    You can bet Torrie Wilson fits that role quite nicely, as she's possible the only one who can stop him from staring at his own image in every possible mirror.

13. Heidi DeRosa: Mark DeRosa

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    While he's known for his utility ability and line-drive prowess, Mark DeRosa made perhaps the biggest play of his career away from the diamond. 

    Former model Heidi Miller continues to leave her appreciative husband in the shadows.

12. Audris Rijo: Jonathan Sanchez

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    Kansas City fans must be in a frenzy as they prepare for 2012.

    The Royals host this year's All-Star Game, have Jonathan Sanchez joining the rotation and get to search for his gorgeous wife in their stands.

    A Dominican Republic pageant-goer, Audris Rijo is only scraping the edge of beautiful stardom.

11. Jamie Kotsay: Mark Kotsay

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    It's all too perfect that outfielder Mark Kotsay was also a closer during his tenure at Cal State Fullerton.

    Jamie Kotsay never had a chance.

10. Rima Fakih: Ricky Romero

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    The winner of the 2010 Miss USA title, beauty pageant extraordinaire Rima Fakih is dating Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero.

    But she seems set to dominate every aspect of the sports world, now allegedly training to be a WWE Diva.

    Being eliminated from the fourth episode of WWE Tough Enough (season five) wasn't a good start...

9. Marikym Hervieux: Russell Martin

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    Some remember her as Josh Weinstein's girlfriend in Entourage, others as the longtime rumored girlfriend of catcher Russell Martin. 

    Either way, she's got the intimidating stare to make every batting practice session that much better for her backstop beau.

8. Krystle Campbell: Ryan Howard

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    While tearing his Achilles tendon on the final play of the 2011 National League Division Series was a painful finish to Ryan Howard's 2011 season, it gave him a perfect excuse to take a long, relaxing vacation from baseball and enjoy this beauty.

    With former Eagles cheerleader and fiance Krystle Campbell cheering him on, Howard seems set for another 30-plus home run year.

    Although staying home with her seems a lot better.

7. Lauren Anderson: Reid Brignac

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    What a spring training for the left side of the Tampa Bay infield.

    After third baseman Evan Longoria snagged model Jaime Edmondson within the first few days, shortstop Reid Brignac impregnated his girlfriend, none other than July 2002 Playboy Playmate Lauren Anderson.

    Clearly laying a foundation for the future.

6. Brooke Sorenson Nix: Laynce Nix

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    Marrying a former Cowboys cheerleader is sure to make your 64 home runs and .244 average in nine seasons seem legendary.

    Brooke Sorenson has the sexy smile and cheerful nature to help Laynce Nix finish his career on top.

5. Larisa Fraser: Ryan Braun

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    There was talk of steroid use in regards to Ryan Braun's MVP finish last season, but we always hoped that he was pure, absent of any performance-enhancing juices.

    Only model girlfriend Larisa Fraser knew the truth, and she was willing to share.

4. Minka Kelly: Derek Jeter

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    Now that she's apparently "seeing" Derek Jeter again, we can comfortably give Minka Kelly well-deserved spots on our MLB lists yet again.

    Watching her stare at the camera never gets old.

3. Brittany Binger: Grady Sizemore

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    Once known as Playboy Playmate of the Month for June 2007, Brittany Binger now seems to have committed herself fully to the sports world.

    We expect to see Grady Sizemore's injury problems miraculously disappear once he ties the knot with his seductive fiance. 

2. Diana Roberts: Brian Roberts

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    Since marrying his scintillating partner in January of 2009, second baseman Brian Roberts began to statistically snowball towards mediocrity.

    .283 in '09, .278 in '10 and .221 in '11...distracted much?

    We sure are.

1. Jaime Edmondson: Evan Longoria

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    Before the start of spring training, Rays slugger Evan Longoria had already crushed an impressive homerun in model Jaime Edmondson.

    Playboy magazine's Miss January 2010 seems set to take the baseball world by storm in her rookie year.

    Fantasy league cats, beware.