Bulletin Board Material: The Best AFC South Articles from 3/19

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistMarch 19, 2012

Peyton peytoned the Tennessee Peytons. Peyton?
Peyton peytoned the Tennessee Peytons. Peyton?Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome to the Bulletin Board, where we always guarantee a victory.

Here's the best work from around the AFC South over the weekend.



Phil Richards disagrees with me and says not to sleep on the Indy offensive line signings. Be sure to follow Phil on Twitter. He's a pro's pro.

Reggie Wayne is true to his word. He wants to help rebuild the Colts. Admirable position from a vet.

The Colts get a nice player in Zbikowski and lower Winston Justice's contract number. Two great moves.

Kyle Rodriguez points out that Bill Polian brought in a lot of free agents early in his tenure in Indianapolis. Kyle is a great young writer who should be on your radar.

Here's a must read on Indy's transition to a 3-4. Great stuff if you like the Xs and Os.



Alan Burge does a brilliant recap of the first week of free agency for the Texans. It's been a week of blood-letting in Houston, but the Texans are still a young, loaded team.

Jerome Williams wrote a lot about Mario Williams last week. Sounds like not everyone enjoyed his take.



Friend and savant Tom Gower urges the Titans to say "no" to Peyton. Tom and I are of one mind on this.

Andrew Strickert looks at who is left for the Titans to grab in free agency.

The Titans issue a "stepford announcement" about Peyton's work out. It was basically verbatim the same thing the Broncos said. Peyton's people are writing the script right now.

The Titans are a "tenuous leader" in the chase for Peyton—whatever that means. I guess it means they are worried in Denver.

Peyton has the whole NFL tied up by this decision.

This isn't the first time Peyton has kept the state in the dark.

Love for Peyton runs deep.

Locker could still strike it rich as Manning's backup.



Shane Clemons talks about why the Jags won't go after Mike Wallace.

Mark Anderson is a target for help at DE.

Gene Smith wants high character players.

Stories like this one make me sad. I don't blame the ticket holder, but Jacksonville doesn't need this press.

Finally, a must read from Vito Stellino on how what the Jags are doing differs from the Bills. I like the Jags' way better.

Don't be mad. Just laugh a little.