2012 NFL Mock Draft: DraftTek's San Francisco 49ers 7-Round Breakdown

Matthew Yazo@@matthewyazoContributor IMarch 20, 2012

2012 NFL Mock Draft: DraftTek's San Francisco 49ers 7-Round Breakdown

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    DraftTrek is one of the more unique mock draft websites out there.

    It uses math and computers and other geeky things that I'm sure are very interesting for people who know how to use them.

    But I will say this, it's the most creative mock draft I've ever seen and will certainly keep me coming back for updates.

    On the other hand, I can't say I agree with all of it.  

    But who really does agree with everything in a mock draft anyway?

1. Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford: B

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    Coby Fleener is a fan favorite because of his talent and connection to coach Jim Harbaugh.

    The 49ers also have a need for an offensive playmaker.

    But at the 30th position overall, his BPA might be a bit of a reach.  

    Granted, sometimes these mocks don't incorporate trading down, and the 49ers might just do that and still pick up Fleener.

    On the other hand, Fleener at 30 is very bold and even a little creative.

    He's a dynamic player that could provide a versatile weapon opposite Vernon Davis with better hands than Delanie Walker.

    If drafted, Fleener would undoubtedly find an immediate role in the 49ers' offense.  

2. Kelechi Osemele, OG, Iowa State: A

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    Kelechi Osemele is a very interesting prospect out of Iowa State where he played offensive tackle.

    He would kick to guard at the NFL level.

    His strength, nastiness and work ethic are his best attributes.  

    This would be a great pick for the 49ers.

    The question is, at 62 overall, would Osemele still be there?

    Certainly these attributes in a player can't be overlooked for that long.

    If he happens to fall to the 49ers in the second round, they would be wise to draft him.

3. Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest: D+

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    Chris Givens is an interesting and productive wide receiver coming out of Wake Forest; however, his size and hands might be an issue.

    At 6'0", 195 lbs, Givens is a converted running back turned flanker with solid elusiveness and quickness.

    I'm selling this pick.

    Givens to me smells like another Kyle Williams.

    Because Alex Smith, presuming he's the quarterback next year, isn't necessarily the most consistently accurate quarterback in the world, I would like to see the 49ers go after bigger targets with better hands.

    I can appreciate the wide receiver pick here but there are better options than Givens.

    Marvin McNutt and Nick Toon come to mind.

4. Cyrus Gray, RB, Texas A&M: B

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    Cyrus Gray may or may not be there for the 49ers in the fourth round at 125 overall.  

    DraftTek also has Bernard Pierce out of Temple as a possibility here.  I'm not necessarily as high on Pierce, as he runs a little too high for me.

    I like where DraftTek is going with getting a running back but I don't know if this spot in the draft is the place to get it.

    Gray does present some explosiveness and elusiveness.  He could be a future Frank Gore replacement, which is exactly what the 49ers would theoretically be looking for in a running back at this point.

5. Brandon Lindsey, OLB, Pitt: A-

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    Brandon Lindsey would be exceptional value for San Francisco in the fifth round at 157 overall.

    Lindsey plays with explosiveness and posses a lanky, long body and could be considered a poor man's Aldon Smith.

    Although the 49ers have a stellar defense, there's no such thing as too many pass-rushers.

    Lindsey played in a 4-3 system as an end, similar to Aldon Smith in college, and would fit nicely in an elephant position in a 3-4.

    Imagine the 49ers' third-down D-line:

    Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Brandon Lindsey.


    Question is, though, again, would Lindsey fall to 157?

6. Ryan Van Bergen, DE, Michigan: D

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    I can't say I'm too high on Bergen, who seems to play a bit tall for a defensive lineman.

    I also don't know if the sixth round is the place to find depth on the defensive line for the 49ers.

    If the 49ers are looking for an eventual starter, clearly an earlier round would be the place to do it.

    With both Sop' and RJF being free agents next year, now might be the time to find this player.

    Also, and forgive me for saying it, Justin Smith isn't getting any younger.

    Then again, it is the draft and sleepers can be found.

    But is Bergen that sleeper?

7. G.J. Kinne, QB, Tulsa: B

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    I like G.J. Kinne for San Francisco at 220 overall.  

    He possess solid footwork and seemingly good accuracy.  His throws look a little forced, using most of his body to get them down field.  And his delivery is standard.

    How would he play up to good competition?  How would he play under center?

    These are all good and fine questions, none of which will be dissected with a microscope because Kinne would be, after all, just a few picks away from Mister Irrelevant.