Seattle Seahawks 2012 Mock Draft: 7-Round Predictions

Thomas HolmesCorrespondent IIIMarch 20, 2012

Seattle Seahawks 2012 Mock Draft: 7-Round Predictions

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    Lots going on since the last time I pieced together a mock draft for the Seahawks a few weeks ago.

    Is it me though or are things starting to look a little bit clearer now when forecasting the 'Hawks future?

    With the team signing quarterback Matt Flynn late Sunday in addition to re-signing Marshawn Lynch, and Red Bryant earlier in the free agency period, it seemed like now would be a good time to revisit the draft.

    So let's give it a go and see where things stand with a little more information at our disposal. The logic behind the picks should be strengthened a bit now, nevertheless I will continue to offer my disclaimer...

    Disclaimer: All picks guaranteed wrong come April...or your money back!

Round 1: David DeCastro, Offensive Guard, Stanford

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    Another offensive lineman? 

    Just a few weeks ago I would have thought such a pick was wasteful and the team should make every effort to move down in the first round, but after the release of Robert Gallery, the re-signing of Paul McQuistan and a visit by Steve Hutchinson during his free agency tour, suddenly it makes more sense.

    Let's face it, ever since Hutchinson left Seattle, the 'Hawks run game hasn't been the same. If DeCastro is still available at No. 12, the team could do a lot worse in going about rebuilding long-term.

    The 'Hawks spent a fair amount of money on Matt Flynn and Marshawn Lynch, therefore you want to protect your investments, and DeCastro is talented and versatile enough to be worth taking this early.  

    In the event DeCastro is gone, then the 'Hawks should make a move to trade down...

Round 2: Vinny Curry, DE/OLB, Marshall

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    Of course with Mario Williams signing with Buffalo, the 'Hawks still need help rushing the passer. 

    Enter defensive end/outside linebacker Vinny Curry of Marshall. I've had him here before, but it seems that after a some what mixed showing at the combine, Curry's once soaring stock has taken a bit of a hit lately. Some still project him as a late first-round pick, others see him in the middle of the second. 

    I'm thinking the 'Hawks fall somewhere in between with their second pick and will ultimately like his versatility.

    Getting Red Bryant back in uniform along with the addition of Jason Jones from Tennessee should help bolster the front line, so expect Curry to initially find work at the currently depleted linebacker position along with an occasional spot in the rotation up front with the big boys. 

Round 3: Brock Osweiler, Quarterback, Arizona State

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    Wait, we got Matt Flynn...problem solved.

    Yes and no. 

    Flynn remains a big question mark with a small body of work. As for the other in-house options, Tarvaris Jackson is under contract for one more year and Josh Portis is an intriguing prospect, but unlikely to get much chance to prove himself anytime soon.

    Choosing Osweiler isn't about this year, it's about having a low-risk, high-reward insurance plan for Flynn in the years to come. If Osweiler is any good he could either be serving as Flynn's backup in a few years or potentially taking over the starting role if he flames out.  

    If Osweiler morphs into Dan McGwire 2.0, then there's no major harm done in taking him here or a round later if he's still on the board.

    Either way, by that time T-Jack will probably be a distant memory and Portis will be in the process of leading the Montreal Alouettes to the CFL Grey Cup.

    Finally, understand this pick isn't an endorsement of Osweiler, it's simply who I think will be available after teams start to pick and choose through the second tier batch of quarterbacks in the draft...Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, Brandon Weeden, etc.

Round 4: Emmanuel Acho, Linebacker, Texas

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    Do the 'Hawks go for another linebacker here?

    Until the dust settles from free agency, I think they have to stockpile as much talent in the middle of the defense as possible. 

    The secondary is quite solid for the moment and the signings of Red Bryant and Jason Jones have helped shore up the front line. Meanwhile, if David Hawthorne and Leroy Hill both leave and no one else is signed, this pick makes sense to me. 

    Acho is someone I've featured before in Round Four and I'm still a believer given his speed and power. These are two attributes that GM John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll value as well. So if they don't take Acho, they will find someone just like him at some point between now and the start of training camp.

Round 5: Marshawn Lynch, Running Back, California

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    The good news? The Beast is back! 

    The bad news? This pick is going to Buffalo.

    At the end of the day, I think it's a fair deal. 

    Still I think he could use some help running the football...

Round 6: Terrance Ganaway, Running Back, Baylor

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    With Marshawn Lynch returning to the Seahawks, the team would still be wise to pick up some insurance.

    I may have made some changes with this latest mock draft, but Ganaway remains a staple here in the later rounds.

    He may not be the highest rated back, but he is capable of being the change of pace that either "Beast" or perhaps Michael Robinson at fullback may need from time to time. Similar to Brock Osweiler, this is a choice the 'Hawks need to make for the long-term in developing talent.

Round 7: Winston Guy Jr., Safety, Kentucky

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    Winston Guy Jr. from Kentucky may not be around by the final round of the draft, but if he is, it might be nice to add someone that is billed by as "a tough run defender who operates extremely well in the tackle box. He also does well downfield and can deliver some jarring hits. Guy is an underrated prospect."

    The 'Hawks for the moment have the luxury to add some depth in their young secondary that was largely built in the later rounds of the draft, and this guy seems like he might just be another solid find by GM John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll.