WWE: Why the Elimination Chamber Wrecks WrestleMania.

KumarCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Reading B/R for the last couple days, I've been starting to notice that some people are giving No Way Out more hype than the Royal Rumble. I think we all know why that is...

The Elimination Chamber is upon us again, and it will be battled in both brands (on the same night...oh, joy). I wish for once it wasn't the same way, and I also wish that we could get it from Bischoff electrifying the Raw fans with an exciting promo.

I'm not going to write on who's winning it. Rather, I want to wait until the Rumble's over to decide, because the insider info I've been getting on SmackDown stuff is centered around Christian Cage's return. And on Raw, since I think the winner of the Rumble's coming from Raw, I can't conclude anything. If you got something, comment me.

I'm talking about the fact that WWE can't entertain us in any other way but to stack No Way Out to make the Elimination Chamber a joke. There's no meaning to it if you have two on the same night. You can't have two title matches in the same night you're putting the No. 1 contender Elimination Chamber matches at the top of the card.

I remember watching SummerSlam 2003, where the outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship was actually decided inside the chamber. Just stacked. HBK, Triple H, Randy Orton, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, and Y2J fought it out in the end (Goldberg looked brutal before he went in). Of course, Hunter won.

And I also remember watching last year's Chamber (for SD!) and how it had Undertaker, Batista (ok, anyone more entertaining?), and...uh...uh...wait, four other guys (Big Daddy V, MVP, Finlay, and The Great Khali). I remember how predictable it was to see that Undertaker would win the Chamber, only because that would have been the perfect addition to his then-WrestleMania match with Edge, a main event for the world title.

If you put a Chamber before WrestleMania (although New Year's Revolution in '05 and '06 did have a buildup; Edge cashed in Money in the Bank), it will be nothing comparable to actually fighting for a title inside the Chamber. 

If WWE ever should use the Chamber, use it at a surprising time, at a PPV nowhere close to WrestleMania.

Why? The Elimination Chamber, in my mind, is meant for many, many contenders to fight for the title (or when the best storyline revolves around the champion) when the time is right.

The road to WrestleMania is the best time of the year because the storylines are at their best, the best feuds of the year take shape around this time (and officially start around Backlash), and the fans catch on to the storylines, which helps WrestleMania.

Having the Chamber at No Way Out wrecks all the storylines by not having gimmicks or feud matches, therefore not keeping the feuds.

I think that the Chamber should be placed always at a time between Backlash and (or at) Survivor Series. This could make a great match, and a great pause to dumber storylines later in the year.