NFL: St Louis Rams Hire New Coaches

john dmytrukCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2008

The St. Louis Rams made coaching changes to try and turn around the team.  

After a dismal 3-13 start, the four of the Rams’ five coaches have been replaced.

Replacing Olsen as offensive coordinator will be Al Saunders from the Washington Redskins. Saunders returns to the team, formally coached the receivers of the Greatest Show on Earth.   He likes to the West Coast style offense, but don't discount him running the ball.

Terry Shea becomes the quarterback coach replacing Doug Nussmeier. Shea came from the Miami Dolphins.

Art Valero picks up the running back coaching position thus replacing Wayne Mosses. Valero comes from Tampa Bay.

The last position to be filled was the offensive line coach.  Steve Looney replaces Paul Boudrea.  Looney comes from Drake.

The Rams hired Billy Daveny as their Vice President of Players Operations.  He left the Atlanta Falcons where he brought DE John Abraham to via a three way trade.