6 NHL Players Who Will Lead Their Teams to Deep Playoff Runs

T.J. McaloonContributorMarch 18, 2012

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The NHL postseason has made good players great, great players legendary, and legendary players Hall of Famers.

These six players on this list have helped their teams to regular-season success, and a subsequent playoff position. However, if they can continue to play at this high level, they will lead their team on a deep Stanley Cup playoff run.

This list includes a set of twins that nearly tasted Lord Stanley’s Cup last year, a dynamic scorer who is in a chase for his first finals, a group of goaltenders who can shut down anyone in the NHL, and a former Conn Smythe winner after an impressive 2009 playoffs.

Any one of these men can lead their teams to championship glory. However, only one of these players can lift the Stanley Cup at season's end.

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