New York Mets: Who Is the Face of Gotham's Other Team?

Kevin Van PeltCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2012

New York Mets: Who Is the Face of Gotham's Other Team?

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    Who is the face of the New York Mets franchise?

    While the Mets have not had much success in terms of World Series wins, they have had their share of great players on their team.

    Players like Cleon Jones, Mike Piazza, John Olerud and Mookie Wilson were some of the great players who were left off this list.

    Let's see who should be considered to be the face of the franchise for the Mets.

Tom Seaver

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    The great Tom Seaver is, without a doubt, the best pitcher the Mets ever had. He had a 2.57 ERA during his time with New York and also collected 198 wins.

    Seaver is one of only two players to have their number retired by the Mets (Gil Hodges being the other). Not only is Tom Terrific the best pitcher the Mets have had, but he is also considered one of the best pitchers to ever play the game.

    He won three Cy Young awards with the Mets, along with winning over 20 games three times. In 11 full seasons with the Mets, Seaver only had an ERA over three once and once posted an ERA of 1.76.

    Seaver has been a great symbol for a Mets franchise that has struggled to win. He has kept his face around the franchise and is involved with the community.

    His reputation is great with the fans and makes him a solid candidate to be the face of the franchise.

Keith Hernandez

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    Keith Hernandez was a key part in the World Series team of 1986. He was a fantastic defensive first baseman and was an excellent contact hitter.

    Hernandez won 11 consecutive Gold Glove awards, including six in a row with the Mets. His defensive prowess has not been matched and will be hard to match in the future.

    At times, Hernandez could be just as dangerous at the plate. He batted over .300 four out of the seven years with the Mets and was a three-time All-Star. He finished with a batting average of .297 with the Mets, which puts him third all-time behind John Olerud and David Wright.

    Hernandez is popular with the fans. His status with the team seems to be larger than life at times. This may be due to his new-found glory in broadcasting. He is now the face of the Mets in the booth. Hernandez shows great knowledge of the game and passion for the Mets when announcing games.

    While not loved by all, the Mets fanbase has come to enjoy Hernandez in the booth. Now, he is even regarded by some to be a broadcaster first over being a player for the Mets.

    This shows the great success he has had with the Mets in two different capacities.

Darryl Strawberry

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    In eight years with the Mets, Darryl Strawberry racked up 252 home runs. He remains to this day the only true slugger the Mets have had.

    He never had fewer 26 home runs with the Mets and both times he hit that number came during his first two seasons. His power was great and with each plate appearance, he had the fans anticipating that a run would be scored.

    Strawberry had three seasons of 100 RBI and had his only productive seasons with the Mets. His off-the-field problems have hurt him in keeping a good appearance for the Mets, but the fans have forgiven the slugger for the most part and still love Strawberry as a Met.

Dwight Gooden

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    Dwight Gooden is perhaps the most interesting player ever to put on a Mets uniform. Gooden electrified fans during his rookie campaign in 1984. He won Rookie of the Year and finished second in the Cy Young voting.

    In 1985, Gooden had one of the best seasons ever for a pitcher in the modern era. He finished with 24-4 with an ERA of 1.53. He won the Cy Young award that year and it propelled him to another great season in 1986.

    He posted an ERA of 2.86 and helped lead the Mets to their second World Series title. However, after the 1986 season, Gooden tested positive for cocaine. He did not play the same after those first three seasons but still had some success with the team.

    Gooden's dominance over a short period has not been taken away with his struggles with substance abuse. He still a legend for the Mets and will never be forgotten.

David Wright

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    David Wright is the current face of the Mets franchise. He has been in the league since 2004 and has spent all those years with the Mets.

    He has a lifetime average of .300, which is currently second among Mets players all-time. His numbers have decreased since moving over to Citi Field, but he still has many years ahead of him.

    Wright, is playing in the final year of his contract and may leave the team after this season. If he does, the third baseman will be considered one of the greatest players to ever put on a Mets uniform.

    If he stays, he has the chance to establish himself as the greatest Mets player.

    He will need to bring the Mets a World Series title and go back to his old form to be considered the greatest, but he has plenty of time to accomplish that. As for now, it is too early in his career to be considered the all-time face of the franchise.

Face of the Franchise: Tom Seaver

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    While there was some competition, Seaver is the face of the Mets franchise. He is the best player the Mets have ever had and his numbers speak for themselves.

    Another thing in Seaver's favor is the fact that he was able to help bring a championship to the Mets. That has only been done twice in the history of the team. He is the only Mets player who stands out in terms of winning awards and a World Series ring.

    Also, with the nickname "The Franchise," it makes the decision a lot easier. Throw in the fact that he was not only a great Mets player but an all-time great, and you have yourself a face of a franchise.

    Seaver was a remarkable player who is loved by the fans and his peers. He was voted with the highest first-ballot percentage in the history of the MLB. These facts about Seaver show that he can almost be the face of the MLB, not just the Mets.