WWE Recycling: 5 Ways WWE Benefits from Recycling the Past (Pt. 1, Stables)

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WWE Recycling: 5 Ways WWE Benefits from Recycling the Past (Pt. 1, Stables)

We see it all the time, and not just in the WWE and professional wrestling, but across all TV platforms: recycling of storylines and ideas.

The fact is that at some point, it will happen. Sometimes it is done well (Rock vs. Cena smacks of Rock vs. Hogan; a passing of the torch) and sometimes it is done poorly (Nexus’ forced recruitment of Cena; a throwback to nWo?). However, with WWE currently struggling for decent content, I believe it is time for WWE creative to begin to recycle some concepts, ideas and storylines from the past, but this time to have those involved think it through, use some star power and offer value for the fans in revisiting these tried and tested approaches.

This slideshow will be the first in a series detailing ways WWE creative can revisit past glory in a bid to revive the stale product they currently offer and help to launch the next generation of stars. While I am very much in favour of original ideas and approaches, there are some things that I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see again. This is my first piece on Bleacher Report, so please, be kind in the comments and bear with me. I hope you enjoy.

The first thing WWE should look to recycle is the blueprint of successful stables like DX, the nWO and, more recently, Evolution. Here are five ways the WWE could benefit from reusing these proven formulas and recycling past stable ideas.

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