MLB Trade Scenarios: 4 Deadline Deals the Red Sox and Dodgers Could Pull Off

Christopher Benvie@CSBenvie81Correspondent IIMarch 19, 2012

MLB Trade Scenarios: 4 Deadline Deals the Red Sox and Dodgers Could Pull Off

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    The last significant trade to occur between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angles Dodgers came on July 31st, 2008.

    It was a three-team trade that saw the Dodgers send Bryan Morris and Andy LaRoche to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Red Sox would send Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers and Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss to the Pirates. The Pirates in turn sent Jason Bay to the Red Sox.

    Looking back on the deal, it is hard to decide who really was the winner of that trade considering the fact that none of the players involved remain (or remained) on their trade deadline team for a significant amount of time.

    This time around, things could be different between the Red Sox and Dodgers. Perhaps a deal could be struck up to improve both teams for the foreseeable future.

    Here is a look at four deals that just may be crazy enough to work.

Kevin Youkilis for Andre Ethier

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    Kevin Youkilis is not built to play third base, or so that would be the perception after an injury-shortened 2011 campaign in Boston.

    Andre Ethier has gone on record previously stating his displeasure with the Dodgers ownership (and with Frank McCourt there... who could really blame him?).

    The Dodgers could look at Youkilis as an upgrade at first base over James Loney. Youkilis is a Gold Glove-winning first baseman with three All-Star appearances and two top-six AL MVP finishes on his resume.

    While Loney has been solid for the Dodgers, his resume does not translate.

    Of course, losing Ethier will result in a loss of a Gold Glove right fielder who has been an All-Star on two occasions as well as a Silver Slugger award winner.

    For the Red Sox, this trade enables them to bring up Will Middlebrooks as the everyday third baseman while using any combination of Cody Ross/Ryan Sweeney/Ryan Kalish as trade bait.

    For the Dodgers, this trade gives them the versatility to offer James Loney for pitching or outfield depth.

Matt Kemp for Jacoby Ellsbury

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    This trade is HIGHLY unlikely to ever come to fruition. However, it makes for good fodder. MVP runner-up from each respective league.

    Why would either team do it? The Dodgers locked up Kemp to a huge contract and could be getting new owners sooner than later. Perhaps said owners want to have some liquidity in their bookkeeping...

    Trading Kemp for Ellsbury gives them that flexibility.

    For the Red Sox, they retain a stud center fielder and have the money to pay him without having to go to the bargaining table with Scott Boras.

    Again, highly unlikely, but interesting nonetheless.

Clayton Kershaw for Clay Buchholz and Ryan Lavarnway

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    Why on earth would the Dodgers trade away Clayton Kershaw?

    If they would be able to get a potential stud in Buchholz with a future All-Star catcher, they may listen.

    While the Dodgers did give Kershaw a two-year deal earlier this offseason, they are clearly still underpaying the man. He will cash in big very soon.

    Clay Buchholz is locked up through 2017. He offers the Dodgers security at relatively short money.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Kevin Youkilis for Clayton Kershaw and Andre Ethier

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    This is a pretty ultimate "fantasy baseball" type of scenario.

    Is it unrealistic?  

    Probably... ehhhh, most likely. However, what fun would an article be comparing Juan Uribe to Kevin Youkilis?

    One thing is for certain, the Sox have players that the Dodgers want and vice-versa. I can easily see something taking place between these two teams this season.