WWE News: Is There a Possible Rob Van Dam WWE Return in the Books During 2012?

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2012

Ever since leaving following One Night Stand in 2007, the fans of the WWE have been hoping to see “The Whole F’n Show” make his way back to the company where he had arguably the most success of his entire professional wrestling career.

With his contract with TNA coming to an end soon, could we see RVD back in a WWE ring before the end of 2012?

From WrestlingInc.com:

Reports dated back to the last time he was booked noted that he has grown frustrated with TNA and was even considering a run with WWE in late 2011. TNA does provide him an opportunity to work less dates and should also go without saying that RVD could be more optimistic about his character under the company's new creative direction.

As a fan of both the WWE and Rob Van Dam, I would love to see RVD make a return to the company as the roster for the WWE has become desperately thin in recent months with very few main event caliber stars to carry Raw and Smackdown.

For the point of view of Van Dam, I believe the former ECW original will continue to work for TNA for the time being as it seems like the likely option at this point in his career with RVD turning 42 this December.

In the end, I think the best decision for RVD would be to stay in TNA as the travel schedule is miles better than that of the WWE in addition to the creative team being under new management after the removal of Vince Russo.

So Bleachers, would you like to see the current TNA superstar return to the WWE for another run in the company where he had the most success?

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