India to Tour Sri Lanka... Again!

Ankit MishraContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

I know this sounds crazy but when in the world of modern cricket, returning favors is all a board thinks about, there is little critics like me can do. India had just toured Sri Lanka before the South Africans came visiting last year, and now they are going again in February for 5 ODIs and 1 T20I.

I don't want to see MS Dhoni smothering the carom ball from Mendis while every other batsman struggles to find his feet. Hell no! Not so soon.

I don't want to see India thrashing the guts out of the Lankans, with only King Kumar providing some boring resistance. Murali has by now is easily milked for singles and no other howler, I mean bowler is mean enough to provide a real threat.

All of the above lead to these things:

  1. The series is going to be boring, with India winning and everybody concerned becoming richer, except me that is.
  2. All the matches will be played in Colombo, so there goes another chapter in the book of variety.
  3. This is too soon to be having another series. For God Sake, let India go to Bangladesh.

This might be the most hateful post I will ever write about the Lankans, who I somehow find cute. They are like little midgets (did I say 'little' Midgets? Apologies) who always do good. But this is necessary. The tour is not.

The question arises? Why is the tour being held after all. Well, as I said in the first paragraph, it is a result of a favor being returned by the Indian board. Sri Lanka has allowed all its players to play in the IPL. That is the favor. As if they would not play if the board did not allowed them to. Utter nonsense that people are trying to make sense of.

Anyways, no matter how much I loathe it, I will be of course watching all the matches and reporting them. The only difference will be that I will be full of more vengeance than ever now. Watch this space.