2012 NFL Mock Draft: Evaluating DraftTek's Latest 7-Round Mock for the Packers

Bob FoxContributor IMarch 20, 2012

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Evaluating DraftTek's Latest 7-Round Mock for the Packers

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    The 2012 NFL draft is about five weeks away. Scouts and coaches have gotten a good look at the 2012 prospects at the East-West Shrine game, the Senior Bowl and most recently, the NFL Scouting Combine.

    The players are getting one more chance to impress their possible NFL employers with their performances at their respective pro days that are currently ongoing.

    In addition to all that, the free-agency period started about a week back, and a number of teams have made major moves. Some, like the Green Bay Packers, have not made any moves thus far.

    I've done several mock drafts for the Packers so far this year and will be doing another one soon. You can review my latest mock draft here.

    Right now, I'm going to evaluate the latest mock draft done by DraftTek regarding the choices they gave the Packers in their 2012 NFL mock draft.

    Here is the entire mock draft by DraftTek, which was just updated today.

    I'm going to post their selections for the Packers and also post their reasoning for the selections, as well as their alternate picks for that particular round. I will then give my evaluation of that particular pick, as well as the alternates.

1st Round: OLB Nick Perry (USC)

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    DraftTek: Perry has seemingly found a home here at pick #28 for the Packers. Although many are projecting him at 4-3DE before 3-4OLB, I'm comfortable with Perry being able to make the transition to playing with his hand off the ground. From my view, Perry has the physical strength to play either position, but his speed and initial burst makes him more effective in open space. I'd love for Kevin Greene to get the chance to work with Perry. Highlight Video - Al Bracco - Jersey Al's AllGreenBayPackers.com

    Alternate Picks: OLB Bruce Irvin (West Virginia) or OLB Andre Branch (Clemson)


    Bob Fox: I love the selection of Nick Perry. I've picked him in two of my own mock drafts. I think Perry would be a perfect bookend to Clay Matthews at ROLB. Perry had a fantastic combine performance, but more importantly, he has proven himself on the field for USC.

    Perry had 9.5 sacks for the 2011 season, plus was a 2011 All-Pac-12 Conference first team member at DE. Besides the sacks, Perry had 54 total tackles, which included 13 tackles for loss; plus, he forced three fumbles. 

    Overall, in his career at USC, Perry had 21.5 sacks, 29.5 tackles for loss and five forced fumbles.

    In terms of the alternate picks, I think selecting Bruce Irvin in the first round would be a reach, as he had a sub-par senior year at West Virginia, not to mention his recent arrest off the field. In terms of Branch, depending on the board at the time, I would have no problem selecting him.

2nd Round: C Ben Jones (Georgia)

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    DraftTek: With Scott Wells officially gone and only some pedestrian UDFA centers on the roster (Evan Dietrich-Smith and Sampson Genus) it's hard to pass up Ben Jones here, despite the urgent needs on defense. Jones has the good size the Packers are looking for, yet is comfortable playing in a zone blocking system. Added bonus with Jones is that he was a team leader and made the protection calls at the line, where Wells will be most missed. Highlight Video - Al Bracco - Jersey Al's AllGreenBayPackers.com

    Alternate Picks: CB Coryell Judie (Texas A&M) or CB Casey Hayward (Vanderbilt)


    Bob Fox: The Packers will definitely draft a center this year, as Scott Wells left in free agency. I also expect the Packers to sign a veteran center as well. Jeff Saturday is in Green Bay for a visit as I write this.

    I've selected a center in every mock draft I've done for the Packers, but I'm not that enamored with Ben Jones. Jones had a rough performance against Boise State at the start of the season; plus, didn't have a very good game against Michigan State in the Outback Bowl either. Didn't look great at the Senior Bowl either.

    Bottom line, I would prefer another center in this draft. Peter Konz (Wisconsin) might be the selection of the Packers in the first round, depending on the board. There are others I like that could be drafted later on. Players like Michael Brewster (Ohio State), David Molk (Michigan) or Quentin Saulsberry (Mississippi State).

    As far as the alternate picks go, I like Casey Hayward a lot, but I think Hayward will be available in the third round. Coryell Judie had a good combine that improved his stock, but he also will most likely be available later in the draft, perhaps as late as the fourth round. 

3rd Round: DE Kheeston Randall (Texas)

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    DraftTek: No comments.

    Alternate Picks: DL DaJohn Harris (USC) or S Harrison Smith (Notre Dame) 


    Bob Fox: I would like to see the Packers address the DE position as early as possible in this draft. They probably will be able to select Derek Wolfe (Cincinnati) or Billy Winn (Boise State) in the second round. Depending on the board in the first round, I wouldn't mind the Packers selecting Kendall Reyes (Connecticut) either.

    Kheeston Randall did not have a good year in 2011, and I think he is another player that should be available later in the draft. Randall did look OK at the Senior Bowl, but his tape at Texas showed a player who didn't make much of an impact.

    I like the selection of S Harrison Smith as an alternate, although he might be gone by the time the Packers select in the third round. The Packers expect to hear the news on the status of S Nick Collins any day now on whether he will be able to continue his NFL career. DaJohn Harris was an underachiever at USC, but he has the tools to more productive.

4th Round: S Duke Ihenacho (San Jose State)

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    DraftTek: No comments.

    Alternate Picks: CB Leonard Johnson (Iowa State) or S Phillip Thomas (Syracuse)


    Bob Fox: Duke Ihenacho is another player who will probably be selected later in the draft. I would prefer drafting a player like Brandon Taylor (LSU) in this spot (if he is still available). Ihenacho definitely has upside, as he is physical and had seven picks in his collegiate career at San Jose State.

    I would rather have Phillip Thomas, who is an alternate here, as this selection. Phillips has a better overall game than Ihenacho, but he also has questions about his character that need to be investigated.

    The other alternate, Leonard Johnson, will most likely be gone by the fourth round. Plus Johnson might be too short (5'10") to be selected by the Packers.

5th Round: OLB Tyler Nielsen (Iowa)

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    DraftTek: No comments.

    Alternate Picks: S Justin Bethel (Presbyterian) or QB Nick Foles (Arizona)


    Bob Fox: Tyler Nielsen has decent speed, but that didn't help him get many sacks at Iowa (one career sack). Plays the run well, though, and would be a special teams dynamo.

    I expect Nick Foles (alternate pick) to be off the board by the fifth round. I really like the other alternate pick (Justin Bethel), though. Bethel had a very nice senior year (four picks), plus blocked nine kicks in his career in the Big South (FCS).

6th Round: QB Jacory Harris (Miami)

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    DraftTek: No comments.

    Alternate Picks: QB Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) or CB Micah Pellerin (Hampton)


    Bob Fox: I don't care for this selection at all. Jacory Harris was too injury-prone and inconsistent at Miami. Harris also had trouble reading defenses and threw into double coverage way too often.

    I would much rather have the alternate QB selection, Russell Wilson, with this pick. Wilson is cerebral, athletic and has been unbelievably productive, both at North Carolina State and Wisconsin. His only flaw is his lack of height.

    Micah Pellerin definitely has upside and would be a nice selection for the Packers here, although he might be off the board at this point of the draft.

7th Round: DL Chigbo Anunoby (Morehouse College)

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    DraftTek: No comments.

    Alternate Picks: CB Micah Pellerin (Hampton) or CB Ron Brooks (LSU)


    Bob Fox: I like this pick. Chigbo Anunoby has a massive frame (6'4", 325), and he really anchors himself to stop the run. Not a great pass-rusher, but collapses the pocket at times.

    I talked about Micah Pellerin in the sixth round. Ron Brooks would be an interesting selection in the seventh round. For one thing, Brooks played in the outstanding secondary at LSU. Brooks has great speed (4.37), but his lack of height (5'10") might cause Ted Thompson to look elsewhere for CB help. Thompson has never selected a CB who wasn't at least 6'0" in any of his drafts with the Packers.