WWE: Why Chris Jericho Invoking CM Punk's Dad Made a Great Feud Even Better

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IMarch 18, 2012

Photo By Better-Than-You.Net
Photo By Better-Than-You.Net

Chris Jericho just made it personal. 

It is well-known that CM Punk is straight edge. He has never touched a drug in a life, and he plans on continuing on that path for the rest of his life. Punk is so dedicated to his drug-free lifestyle that he has a tattoo that reads "straight edge" on the bottom of his stomach. 

Punk has always found a way to either brag about or promote his lifestyle to the fans. When Punk was a heel, he would tell the fans that he is better than them because he does not take any drugs. His exact words were, "straight edge means I am better than you". 

For years, the WWE universe have always talked about Punk without really knowing why he has lived this lifestyle. On March 12, Jericho struck Punk and the WWE universe with the truth. 

When Punk defeated the Miz with an anaconda vice last Monday night on Raw, Jericho popped up on the screen to deliver a message. He congratulated Punk on his win then went on to reveal that the only reason CM lives a straight-edge lifestyle is because his father was an alcoholic. 

This seemed to bother Punk very much. 

Then Jericho went on to say that Punk has the alcohol in his blood and once he defeats him at WrestleMania for his WWE Championship, Punk will want to become an alcoholic like his father. The look on Punk's face told a million stories. Jericho verbally slapped Punk's smile off his face.

Y2J dropped the most controversial pipe bomb since the one Punk dropped on the WWE in the summer—except Jericho’s was worse. 

Wasn't Punk the controversial one? Wasn't Punk the one that would drop pipe bombs? Wasn't it Punk that made the fans feel a little bit uncomfortable in their seats with his words? 

Yes, but Jericho does it better.

In fact, Y2J has been doing this his whole career. Jericho has been shocking the fans and stirring up controversy ever since he came into the WWE. 

Remember how he revealed Stephanie McMahon's boob job in front of the world? Jericho has always been good at getting under other people's skin. 

Although it may seem like the only reason Jericho came out and revealed this information was to get in Punk's head, it wasn't. By dropping a big pipe bomb on Punk, Y2J has once again proven that he is the best in the world at what he does, and that Punk is just a wannabe.

Jericho did something that no other superstar has been able to do to Punk—make him feel weak. The straight-edge superstar has been on a tear since his "worked shoot" angle in the summer, and no one has been able to phase him.

Whether it was Jeff Hardy's video on the internet that dissed him, Kevin Nash's assault on him or even the Chris Brown saga; no one has been able to shake up Punk—except for Jericho.

With only one promo, Jericho was able to accomplish two things: He made Punk feel weak by remembering his past, and he proved yet again that he is the best in the world at everything he does.

If there is anyone that can bring Punk down to his knees it's Jericho. 

This feud has already become a classic feud, but by invoking Punk's father into this, this great feud has done the impossible and has become an even better feud. 

Never underestimate the power of words, especially when it comes from the best in the world at what he does. 


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