San Francisco Giants 09' Season Preview

Kyle PalmerContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

What to expect from the Giants in 09'?

I expect the Giants to be a shock to the major-league this year I look at them as being the Tampa Bay of 09' with a solid young pitching staff centered around the reigning NL CY Young Tim Lincecum, and also got some other big names (Randy Johnson, Edgar Renteria, etc.).

I look at Barry Zito having a solid year and finally becoming worth what the Giants paid for him.

Matt Cain is interesting to me he has all the tools to be a solid top of the rotation starter. I have a feeling he will have a solid year.

As for the hitting they struggle they need to get a big bat the Giants lack power they have none at all they are pretty solid in the field.

I just feel that this young team will step up this year and be big make the playoffs but not get to the World series like the Rays but they will surprise a lot of people.