Dos Caras Jr. Not Coming to the WWE!

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

There was a lot of talk regarding Dos Caras Jr. signing with the WWE. Well, the wait is over.

After months of negotiation, Dos Caras decided not to sign with the WWE. The reason? Money!

According to Dos Caras, the final offer from the WWE was not what he had in mind. He wanted more money and the WWE would not budge.

He is open to working with the WWE in the future but for now he has closed the door and decided to stay at CMLL.

I personally think Dos Caras is making a mistake. Right now the WWE is the biggest promotion in the world. Who knows if that door will open again?

Dos Caras has the reputation of being a bit difficult in the locker room. When he was informed that he needed to learn the WWE style of wrestling before debuting on TV, he refused.

Something that Lucha Libre lacks is the structure of matches. It is very difficult to see a match with realistic near falls. This was a perfect opportunity for him to step out of the box and become a better performer.

Money got in the way, and only time will tell if he gets an opportunity like this again.