LSU Football 2012: Best Big Cat Drill Encounters This Spring

Jake MartinCorrespondent IIIMarch 18, 2012

LSU Football 2012: Best Big Cat Drill Encounters This Spring

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    LSU's "Big Cat Drill" symbolizes what football is all about, and it separates the men from the boys.

    The drill consists of an LSU player representing the defense lining up against another teammate representing the offense, and then they clash heads. It's basically a battle in the trenches, and whoever gives up the most ground loses.

    What makes the drill so great, though, isn't the helmet-to-helmet clash, but it's the defensive players and coaches getting behind their man while the offensive players and coaches getting behind theirs.

    This is the drill that brings the team together in unity and allows players to earn their comrades' respect, and as a fan, it's a joy to watch.

    These were the best one-on-one encounters during the "Big Cat Drill" so far this spring.

5. Lamar Louis vs. Alfred Blue

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    Time of Showdown: 2:23

    Alfred Blue has had an outstanding spring so far, and he showed off his explosive qualities in this encounter with freshman linebacker Lamar Louis.

    Blue is a physical running back that can explode off of the ball, and that's just what he did against Louis here.

    Blue got under Louis and drove him back, and therefore caused a memorable reaction from his teammates. It's that kind of physicality and cohesive enthusiasm that makes football the greatest sport in the world.

4. Jalen Collins vs. Paul Turner

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    Time of Showdown: 3:26

    Freshman defensive back Jalen Collins showed in this drill that he can give LSU a physical edge in the secondary.

    The defense is looking to add more depth to its still ultra-talented secondary with Mo Claiborne and Brandon Taylor leaving the team, and Collins could be the guy they go to on the bench.

    Facing another LSU newcomer in wide receiver Paul Turner, Collins fired off the ball and delivered a vicious pancake.

    The defense erupts and taunts the offense as their new star shines bright in the trenches.

3. Seth Fruge vs. Alfred Blue

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    Time of Showdown: 2:25

    Everyone loves a good underdog story.

    After Blue had a great spring and showed in an earlier slide that he's nasty in the trenches, junior linebacker Seth Fruge stepped up to the challenge and delivered a Rudy-type moment.

    Undersized and all, Fruge fires off the ball like a cannon and shocks Blue. Fruge's sudden hit staggers Blue, and it's too much for him to regroup and find solid footing.

    As you can tell by the reaction from the team, it was a pretty special moment.

2. Kenny Hilliard vs. Ronnie Feist

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    Time of Showdown: 2:05

    Ronnie Feist is a star in the making.

    Unfortunately for Kenny Hilliard, he found out firsthand just how fast, strong and technically sound this young guy really is.

    As we all know, Hilliard is a load at running back, but no matter how big or talented you are, you have to get low and control the leverage. Hilliard didn't do that, and Feist got underneath him and drove him backwards.

    The future looks bright for this young linebacker.

1. Ronnie Feist vs. J.C. Copeland

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    Time of Showdown: 2:28

    J.C. Copeland taught Ronnie Feist a valuable lesson following his triumph over Kenny Hilliard.

    Copeland taught him that every dog has his day, but you have to remember that there's always someone bigger, badder and ready to plant you into the ground awaiting.

    Copeland is a roadblock of a fullback, and so when head coach Les Miles saw Feist handle Hilliard the way he did, he decided to test him against the most physical player on offense.

    It was a battle at first, but not surprisingly, Copeland ended up getting the better of the collision. Still, you have to be impressed with Feist's raw abilities.