The 30 Hottest WAGs of MLB Spring Training

Dan TylickiAnalyst IMarch 19, 2012

The 30 Hottest WAGs of MLB Spring Training

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    MLB spring training is underway and has been for a couple weeks now. With spring training comes two great parts of the game: ballplayers return to action on the field, and WAGs return to the news.

    The wives and girlfriends of Major League Baseball players run the gamut on all sides, but one thing is certain: Those that play the game can get some lookers.

    As I'm sure you want to dive right into the WAGs, so I won't waste any time. Here are 30 of the hottest of MLB spring training. Unfortunately, those who did not get roster invites, like Jennie Finch's husband, Casey Daigle, and exes, like Minka Kelly and Saeko Darvish, will not be included.

Heidi Strobel

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    Heidi Strobel, the wife of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, is certainly someone who I would consider worthy of the leadoff spot on this list.

    The two have been married since 2006, and aside from that, Strobel may be better known for her time on Survivor: The Amazon back in 2003 and actually performed quite well. In fact, she appeared in Playboy with winner Jenna Morasca after the two stripped during the show.

Torrie Wilson

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    Alex Rodriguez has no problem getting his share of women who are quite well known, and he has begun recently dating one of the more well-known people on this list, former WWE diva Torrie Wilson.

    Wilson has appeared in FHM, Playboy and other magazines. She became involved with A-Rod this past December. How long it will last, no one knows, but for now the baseball community will enjoy having her as a WAG.

Julia Schultz

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    Why did I decide to include all roster invitees to spring training rather than sticking with those on the active roster? For one, I get to include Julia Schultz, Brett Tomko's wife.

    Tomko is a non-roster invitee for the Cincinnati Reds currently, and it's uncertain if he'll make the team. As for Schultz, she was a Perfect 10 model and Playmate of the Month in February 1998.

Jaime Edmondson

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    Evan Longoria is a lucky man. He not only gets Eva Longoria as a fan due to the name similarities and is the face of the Rays' lineup, but he has Jaime Edmondson as well.

    Edmondson is a former cheerleader of the Miami Dolphins, as well as Playmate of the Month in January 2010. The two are a new couple on the scene, so hopefully we'll be able to see her for some time. Her presence should bring out Rays fans if nothing else will.

Lisa Dergan

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    Lisa Dergan Podsednik is the wife of Scott Podsednik. She became a sportscaster in between being Playmate of the Month in July 1998 and being St. Pauli Girl in 2003.

    Scott Podsednik has had a nice career as a stolen-base artist while trying to keep his career alive, but his best move may have been ending up with Dergan.

Lindsay Clubine

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    The New York Yankees have the edge on the Red Sox when it comes to WAGs on the team's starting lineup. In the rotation, however, the Red Sox have the Bronx Bombers beat.

    Lindsay Clubine is a former Deal or No Deal model who married Clay Buchholz in 2009. With how often Buchholz had been hurt, he has the silver lining of spending more time with this beauty.

Krista Clark Lackey

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    Speaking of Red Sox pitchers, I'm sure all of those fans are tired of John Lackey, who's been grossly overpaid for his output, and his innings are the only thing of value for the Sox at this point with all the injury issues.

    Are the same fans tired of his wife, Krista Clark Lackey? I doubt that, mostly because she's not too well known, which is ironic given how her husband has played; maybe a rebound season will fix that.

Amanda McCarthy

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    For those of you that subscribe to ESPN The Magazine, at least one thing caught your eye in the analytical issue: the girl who was on the cover with Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy.

    That is his wife, Amanda, a swimsuit model who actually has a blog on top of being a baseball wife and model. It's only fitting given their appearance on the ESPN cover.

Amber Marie Seyer

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    Barry Zito has proven to be one of the biggest busts in San Francisco Giants history after failing to live up to his contract. Speaking of busts (yes, I actually typed that), it's easy to see why his wife lands on this list.

    Amber Marie Seyer was a Miss USA contestant in 2007, finishing in the top 10 and representing Missouri. The period between the engagement and the wedding between the two was only three months.

Audris Rijo

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    Kansas City made two great additions to their lineup in a trade with San Francisco this offseason. They acquired pitcher Jonathan Sanchez to bolster their rotation, and they acquired his girlfriend, Audris Rijo, for the stands.

    Rijo is from the Dominican Republic and was part of a Univision reality show, Nuestra Belleza Latina. It's quite surprising that she's not more well-known. Then again, the relationship likely started after Sanchez won the World Series with the Giants; otherwise, we would certainly know of her.

Marie LaMarca

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    While on the subject of quasi-unknowns, let's look at a few more whose attractiveness certainly deserves attention even if they're rather private people.

    Starting that off is Marie LaMarca, World Series hero Allen Craig's wife. The two met in 2002, were married in 2011 and as the only photos of her seem to be with Craig, the two certainly seem to be a happy couple.

Kristen Travis

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    Much like Craig and LaMarca, Kristen Travis has been with Angels pitcher Jered Weaver for a long time, at least since their college days at Long Beach State. The two married this past offseason.

    With Weaver potentially leading a World Series-winning team this year, who knows, we could end up seeing a lot more of Travis.

Deanna Evans

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    All of the Angels' wives that were noted in a recent Orange County Register article could qualify for this slideshow, but I'll limit it to two.

    Deanna Evans is the girlfriend of Jordan Walden, and the two have been together since high school. Aside from that, pretty much nothing is known of her, and it's a nice change of pace from knowing everything about some of these WAGs.

Selma Alameri

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    As little as is known about Evans, there's even less out there about Selma Alameri. Mike Napoli's girlfriend. Besides that, well, there's little I know.

    I can't 100 percent confirm that the two are still together, but it's tough to leave her off the list just because of a question mark on my end.

Shayla Farnsworth

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    Shayla Farnsworth could either be an unknown or very well known depending on what you watch. Those who tuned into Baseball Wives on VH1 might know who she is, though, most reading here probably have not come across her.

    Besides the stint there that pops up, there's really not much else on her, which is quite surprising. Her and Edmondson could really get the Rays' fanbase going.

Susannah Higgins

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    One more in the relatively unknown camp, Susannah Higgins is the longtime girlfriend and now-wife of Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland after being married this last November.

    Higgins apparently competed in Miss Alabama at one point, but it's hard to believe she lost, at least based on what I've been able to see.

Joanna Garcia

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    Another well-known WAG, especially to Yankees fans, Joanna Garcia was famous in her own right as a film and TV actress.

    She joined the WAG community when she started dating Nick Swisher in 2009, and the two have since married. She's someone I'm sure New York fans are happy to have around.

Shannon James

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    Hunter Pence is yet another MLB player who was able to snag a Playboy Playmate. In May 2007, Shannon James was Playmate of the Month, and afterwards the two dated.

    Phillies players seem to be just as lucky with the ladies as the Yankees of late, especially after adding Podsednik to their roster.

Brooke Sorenson Nix

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    Speaking of Phillies players getting the girl at the end, newcomer Laynce Nix brings to the Phillies his wife, Brooke Sorenson Nix.

    A former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Brooke married Nix this past offseason. Besides that, well, she's a Cowboys' cheerleader. Need I say more?

Larisa Fraser

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    Ryan Braun, even with the overturned positive test, has a lot to look forward to. He has a huge fanbase, he is the reigning MVP, plus he gets to spend time with model Larisa Fraser.

    Fraser, who is Ryan Braun's girlfriend, is surprisingly unknown given not only her beauty, but Braun's stature in baseball.

Brittany Binger

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    A month after Shannon James was Playmate of the month, Brittany Binger followed suit. She then dated a baseball player as well and is now engaged to Grady Sizemore.

    With Sizemore out indefinitely and quite injury-ridden, it looks like the two may be able to enjoy each other's company for quite some time.

Krystle Campbell

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    As I've said once before, the Phillies are a team that has a great deal of success with WAGs, and Ryan Howard is definitely no exception to that.

    Krystle Campbell and Ryan Hoard have been together for some time. Campbell is a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, and it seems fitting that two Philadelphians are together, though, they are part of different sports.

Marikym Hervieux

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    With all the Phillies women popping up, I almost mentioned that the Yankees have a lot between A-Rod, Nick Swisher and whoever Jeter will have next. Russell Martin is no exception to that.

    Not much is known on Hervieux besides the fact that she's a French Canadian model and had a couple small TV acting roles. Martin's been able to show that even catchers can end up with great WAGs.

Diana Roberts

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    Brian Roberts was the face of the Orioles franchise but has had his share of problems the past couple seasons. Luckily, he gets to go home to his wife, Diana.

    Diana Roberts and Brian have been married since 2009, and before that she was "Miss FHM" in 2006 as well as a swimsuit model.

Rima Fakih

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    We've seen quite a few Playboy Playmates and people who have competed in beauty pageants on this list, but how many have Miss USA as a WAG? Ricky Romero can fit in that category, as he is dating Rima Fakih.

    Fakih has competed in many beauty pageants and has attempted to become a WWE diva as well. It's also no surprise that she won Miss USA from the looks of her.

Julianna Zobrist

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    Julianna Zobrist does seem to be a bit different than many of the women on this list, but that's not a bad thing; she's certainly deserving of landing on this list.

    Julianna, the wife of Ben Zobrist, is a Christian singer, and she has naturally sung the National Anthem at games a few times. She could certainly be a model as well.

Heidi DeRosa

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    Mark DeRosa has been bouncing around a lot of teams over the past couple years as his career starts to wrap up, but he does have a constant in his wife, Heidi.

    Heidi DeRosa is a former model, but besides that, not much is known about her, as she's apparently become rather private since those days.

Emily Kuchar

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    There may be only two Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders on this list at the end of the day, but I'm sure Zack Greinke is happy that he's married to one of them, Emily Kuchar.

    Kuchar was named Miss Daytona Beach in 2008, and with some of the problems Greinke had to deal with as a Royal, it was actually Emily who helped him re-find himself and become the great pitcher he is today.

Aura Avila

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    Aura Avila is a Venezuelan model who, surprisingly, few seem to know of. Ronny Cedeno is an infielder who, despite decent play with the Pirates and now being on the Mets, not many seem to know of, either.

    Perhaps it's fitting that the two are together then. Since Cedeno plays in New York now, maybe Avila will become that much more well known.

Lauren Anderson

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    One would expect a lot of WAGs on the Yankees roster or even the Phillies roster. The Tampa Bay Rays, however, are right up there with those two teams. Even utility infielder Reid Brignac is there with the big guns, as his girlfriend is Lauren Anderson.

    Anderson was Playmate of the month in July 2002, and as of last month, the two are expecting a child. You have to hand it to the Rays, they may not fill the stadium, but they can fill the roster with Playmates.