Tate Forcier: A Closer Look At Michigan's Future

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

As all Michigan fans are, I am very excited for what the 2009 season brings, including quarterback Tate Forcier. Forcier is projected to compete for the starting job with QB Steven Threet and is likely to win the job.

Forcier is 6'1” and 183 pounds. He is a good thrower and can definitely make plays outside of the pocket with his feet. He is dead accurate on pass attempts.

In 2007, he completed 164 out of 213 passes, or 77 percent for almost 2,400 yards. He got the ball into the end zone 21 times with his arm. He also got the job done on the ground, rushing for 733 yards on 66 attempts with 11 yards a carry. He also had six scores.

With Forcier's mobility and accuracy, he perfectly fits the spread offense. If he can get some receivers who can make plays, I see a long Michigan career for this kid. He might not be able to scramble as much as he did in high school, but he will be able to make plays when they break down, make time for himself and throw outside of the pocket.

At his size, he might have some trouble making plays sitting right in the pocket, but will have lots of time to make his throws. This will be primarily due to his feet and a Michigan offensive line that is bringing in multiple red-shirted players who can get make an impact.

With all the quarterback woes last year, I'm hoping that Forcier can be a solution, to what was an awful year for Michigan last year.