WWE News: Daniel Bryan Comments on How AJ Could Become a Better WWE Diva

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

If the current World Heavyweight Champion wasn’t annoying enough as of late, Daniel Bryan added to his ever growing heel persona with a blog post about his girlfriend, AJ, on Facebook Friday night.

In the post on Facebook, Bryan listed his top nine ways how AJ could become a better Diva in the WWE with tips ranging from being taller to changing her clothing and obviously adopting the same vegan diet that of the World Heavyweight Champion.

If you look at the post, it definitely got the job done by creating more heat on the champion as there were several WWE fans that commented on his list with some not-so-friendly remarks for Bryan.

With WrestleMania being a little more than two weeks away, it seems as though the WWE creative team  is focusing more on making Bryan look like an overbearing boyfriend instead of building up his match with Sheamus in Miami.

After Bryan meddled in the Great White’s match with Chris Jericho last night on Smackdown, I hope the WWE will continue to have the two young superstars continue to battle so their match at WrestleMania won’t be overshadowed by the incredible card scheduled for April 1.

In the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania, I think AJ will get some payback for the comments about her as she’ll play a part in Bryan losing his championship to Sheamus with some kind of interference.

So, Bleachers, what did you think about the comments made by Daniel Bryan on how his girlfriend AJ could become a greater Diva?


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