Peyton Manning Rumors: Manning Could Decide His Fate on Monday or Tuesday

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Manning Could Decide His Fate on Monday or Tuesday
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Nothing is driving storylines more than the Peyton Manning saga, so sportswriters and media humans (including myself) will greatly mourn the fact that Albert Breer from NFL Network is reporting that Peyton Manning will make a final decision on where he will spend next season (and beyond!) on either Monday or Tuesday.

Then again, Breer is also reporting that Manning may not make his decision then, given the fact that everything about this process has been so lengthy and so resembling a high school student visiting colleges and thinking about life.

Manning has informed three teams—the 49ers, the Titans, and the Broncos (Teboooooowww!!!)—that Monday or Tuesday is the day, but obviously, it remains to be seen whether or not Peyton lives up to that vague "promise."

If Manning does sign with a team on either day, how do you think people would react? Using Bleacher Report's "React-O-Meter," we have been able to decipher what kind of frenzy would occur depending on what team Peyton chooses.

San Francisco: 7

This could potentially propel the 49ers into Super Bowl contention, which is what Manning is definitely looking for. Out of the three finalists, the 49ers have the best chance to go any place in the playoffs. Then again, it is San Francisco, very far away from media outlets not named Bleacher Report. Any frenzy brewed would have the words "Super Bowl" and "Joe Montana" involved, and that only gets you so far.

Tennessee: 8

Peyton's returning home to where he played football in college. Aww, that's so cute and he gets to play on grass. PEYTON LOVES GRASS, don't you know? Did you also know Peyton played college football there and really really loved Tennessee? Blah blah blaaaaaaaah.

Denver: 10, world explodes

Did you know Tim Tebow plays for Denver, and Peyton Manning would be taking Tebow's spot? Tim Tebow is probably more popular (for good or bad reasons) than the pope at this point, and potentially having maybe the greatest quarterback in NFL history take his place would cause Twitter to collapse upon itself and destroy the Internet.

Wherever Peyton goes, people will care way too much. Just remember that.

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