Charlie Whitehurst Back with the Chargers; Seahawks Still a Rudderless Ship

Aaron Nagler@Aaron_NaglerNFL National Lead WriterMarch 17, 2012

Does he know where he's going?
Does he know where he's going?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Back in 2010, the Seattle Seahawks swapped second-round picks with the San Diego Chargers, and threw in a 2011 third-rounder to acquire the Chargers' third-string quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst. It was one of the first major moves of newly hired Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, a move that was greeted by raised eyebrows all across the league. After two years watching Whitehurst throw three touchdowns, four interceptions, and being sacked 13 times - the Seahawks let Whitehurst hit free agency. Yesterday, the Chargers re-signed him to be their backup quarterback behind Philip Rivers.

The Carroll regime in general has been one eyebrow-raising moment after another, from the Whitehurst trade to the Lendale White signing (and subsequent cutting) to letting Matt Hasselbeck leave to bringing in offensive coordinator Darell Bevel and his pet project, quarterback Travaris Jackson - there hasn't been a real overall sense of direction to anything Carroll and general manager John Schneider have been doing.