Lies and Deceit, Finally an Apology To Ron Dennis

Ryan WoodAnalyst IJanuary 14, 2009

After a former employee of Mr Dennis launched a scathing attack on his former boss, accusing Ron Dennis of being a homophobe, the man behind the lies finally apologises and drops his case.

Mr Boland, a former steward aboard Ron's private jet was sacked because a rumour about his sexuality had reached Ron's ears. Mr Boland then went on to explain how Ron had said he must wash his hands after shaking hands with arabs all day, a claim which Mr Dennis denies.

Mr Boland has officially apologised to Mr Dennis and his family for any upset he may have caused them.

The court case started to diminish after a key witness, who works for Ron Dennis is openly homosexual, and has worked his way up into a senior position without any interference from Ron Dennis.

Mr Boland is expected to receive £10,000-20,000 after he was sacked without following the correct procedures. This is just a fraction of the £100,000 he was claiming from the McLaren Group.

Ron Dennis described the case as "hurtful, irritating and unnecessary."


(*note: this article would have been longer, but I have been having trouble with publishing all day)