DONT TRY THIS AT HOME: Joel Mercury's Face Injury

Paul BentleyContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

The title of this article couldn't be more true, it speaks for itself. You may remember what happened to poor Joel Mercury in a dangerous ladder match.

It was a tag team match against the Hardy's, now some of the things that happen are planned, I've seen that happen many times but I don't think their was any way this was planned:

His Head was being held down by one of the Hardy's, a ladder was placed below him and balanced on another, while the other Hardy member climbed on to the top turnbuckle, jumped from that position and landed, doing a leg drop on one end of the ladder, while the other end snapped back, clipping Joel across his face and knocking his head back. There was a lot of blood pouring from his face and his left eye had swollen shut from the impact.

It's almost certain he ended up with a broken nose, and I remember him saying on Smackdown the next day that he had lost some of the vision in his eye. So there is no way that could have been planned.

Was it an accident, or was it done intentionally? I'l let you all decide.

I think this has got to be the worst injury I have seen in sports entertainment history. He must have made a full recovery by now, I hope because this was a few years ago.

On a final note I hope injuries as bad as this don't happen again.