WWE SmackDown: Christian Joins Team Johnny, Sheamus vs. Jericho and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 17, 2012


WWE Smackdown opened with the return of Christian and the Peep Show!

He brought up the 12-man tag match at WrestleMania where the winning team gets their general manager the job of running both Raw and SmackDown.

He then introduced John Laurinaitis and his team captain David Otunga. He welcomed back Christian and said it was an honor to be on the show.

Next up was Teddy Long minus his team captain Santino Marella but with Aksana.

Christian wanted to give the general managers the chance to convince him to join their team. Teddy just rolled his eyes and Christian started to put himself over.

Christian wanted what he deserved and that was one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Teddy respected everything Christian has done but he won’t beg him to get him on the team. When Team Teddy wins, he’ll be in charge of both shows and anyone who wanted a title shot would have to earn it.

Laurinaitis said it would be an honor if Christian would be on his team. If his team won, Christian will receive one more match.

Christian then officially joined Team Johnny.

Teddy then said that the time for talk was over and he tried to book Christian in a match, but Johnny Ace said he wasn’t medically cleared.

Teddy then booked Otunga in a match right then and there against the newest member of his team, Kofi Kingston.

I thought this was a good way to open the show. I feared that WWE would make the fans wait until the end of the show for Christian’s return but we got it right away!

Captain Charisma hasn’t lost a step on the mic and was great.

I’m a bit disappointed that he still has the “One More Match” gimmick but it’s still great to see him back.

The general managers were good as well. I like how Teddy didn’t give in to Christian and Big Johnny continued to make promises he probably won’t keep if he wins.

It’s good to see Christian have a match at WrestleMania and I hope he gets the chance to shine!


Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga

Kingston picked up the win with Trouble in Paradise after a distraction from Santino Marella.

I thought this was a decent match that seemed to be more concentrated on the announce table then the actual match.

Kingston was good like he usually is, but Otunga really dragged things down.

He’s just power moves, and that gets boring after a while.

He’s great as a mouthpiece and would make a great manager to someone. WWE should try him out as a manager before they start pushing him as a wrestler.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is waiting outside the Divas locker room. A.J. then came out and said the dress he bought her doesn’t fit right.

Bryan said that the dress looked better on the mannequin, but they’re going to be the new power couple and she needed to look the part.

She should be a champion as well and got her a match that could lead to a shot at the Divas Championship.

Better on the mannequin? Sorry, Bryan, but I can’t agree with you on that one!

It’s about time A.J. is getting a match!

She’s one of the few women on the roster who actually had wrestling training before joining WWE and she should get the chance to prove to the WWE Universe that she’s more than just a pretty face being verbally abused by the world champion.


Nikki Bella vs. A.J

Before the match started, Daniel Bryan celebrated his way to the ring to take some of the spotlight.

A.J. then picked up the victory with the Diva rollup of doom.

While this was the typical Divas match, it wasn’t as bad as the typical Divas match. Both women showed some skill in the ring, though A.J. wasn’t given too much of a chance to shine here.

I’m glad she won, but her victory was diminished by Bryan celebrating like he won.

At the same time, Bryan screaming instructions at her and celebrating really added to his heel character.

There are times when it seems like A.J. is finally realizing that Bryan is just using her, but then there are times when she ignores the verbal abuse.

It’s great that she’s getting television time, but I hope she continues to get it once this storyline does ends.

A recap of John Cena’s rap and the Rock Concert was then shown. Since I’ve already seen this, I decided to watch something else, flipping back and forth waiting for it to end.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with Cody Rhodes. Striker brought up embarrassing the Big Show and wanted to know how Rhodes expected to retain his title.

Rhodes said that Big Show was a destructive force 363 days a year but always choked at WrestleMania.

While being a short interview, Rhodes was great here. He has really evolved into one of the best mic workers in WWE today.


Cody Rhodes vs. The Great Khali

Rhodes got the victory when he hit the Disaster Kick. I thought that this was actually a decent match.

Khali was his typical massive, slow self but it was Cody Rhodes that improved the match.

Rhodes showed here that he can perform well with someone much larger than him and that gives me a lot of hope for his match with the Big Show at WrestleMania.

While massive like Khali, the Big Show can actually move and put on a good match.

I think Rhodes and Big Show will mesh really well together at the big event and surprise a lot of people!

Randy Orton then made his way to the ring and told us his name. He doesn’t usually talk in the ring about a problem; he usually hunts down that problem.

He and Kane are on a collision course and he wanted to know why Kane picked him. He’s not like John Cena, because he does embrace hate.

He then called out the Big Red Monster to explain himself.

Kane appeared on the stage and said he’d usually enjoy seeing Orton living in the unknown but since he asked, though, Kane showed a video of a match between them last July.

At the end of the match, Kane shook Orton’s hand.

He was sickened of what he had become, but that person is gone. His humanity is gone and the monster is back.

The WWE isn’t big enough for both of them and Kane needed closure. He won’t be whole until he destroyed Orton and the Apex Predator wanted to finish it now.

Kane wanted to end Orton at WrestleMania and then fire shot out of the ring posts to end the segment.

Is it me or is Kane ending his sentences like James Hetfield in a Metallica song?

So that’s why Kane attacked Orton, because he shook his hand in July? First, Kane couldn’t be whole until he got Cena to embrace hate, but since he failed I guess he needed something else to do that.

I don’t like that this feud was randomly thrown together because both of them needed something to do for WrestleMania, but there really is no use in complaining about it.

The match itself should actually be good, or at the very least a very physical encounter with a lot of hard hits!


Drew McIntyre vs. The Big Show

Before the match, Teddy Long appeared on the titantron and he welcomed McIntyre back. He then introduced his opponent as the Big Show.

The World's Largest Athlete then picked up the win when the referee stopped the match after a Chokeslam and the WMD.

While McIntyre got in a bit of offense, this was basically a squash match.

I was hoping that the Scottish superstar would actually get the chance to shine now but I guess I was wrong.

I have a feeling that McIntyre will continue to lose until the summer months. It a shame, McIntyre is a great talent!


Mark Henry vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Mark Henry got the victory after the World’s Strongest Slam. Tatsu got in a dropkick and a few chops, but this was a squash match.

I was glad to see Tatsu get an opportunity to be on SmackDown, but I wish it was against someone who he could have had an actual match with.

Mark Henry continues to bore me. He bored me as world champion and he’s boring me as a mid-carder.

I don’t think it’s “impressive” to see him squash someone a lot smaller than him. It would be more impressive to see him defeat someone who he could have had a decent match with.

An episode of Z! True Long Island Story was then shown. Zack Ryder wanted to be a member of Team Teddy and promised that his team would win if he and his broskis were a part of it.

I would love to see Ryder a part of Team Teddy! Mainly because that would mean the Long Island Iced Z has a spot at WrestleMania.

He worked very hard over the past year; he deserves a spot on the card!


Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus

Before the match, Jericho got on the mic to address what he said this past Monday on Raw. He knows that the fans aren’t too happy with what he said but he will never apologize.

He told the truth about CM Punk being a fraud and he knows who the real Punk is.

Punk’s not the best in the world because he is. He’ll prove it by defeating Sheamus now and at WrestleMania by defeating Punk for the WWE Championship.

Jericho delivered a great promo here. I was never a fan of bringing family issues into storyline but when it works, it works.

It makes the match more personal and creates an overall better story.

As for the match, Jericho picked up the win via count out after Daniel Bryan delivered a dropkick to the face of Sheamus.

I thought this was a very good match. For being their first one-on-one encounter, Sheamus and Jericho meshed very well together and they certainly delivered!

Sheamus continues to impress with his ability in the ring while Jericho continues to be Jericho, which isn’t a bad thing.

I’ve been waiting for Sheamus to finally lose a match and I got what I wanted here. What made it better was that it was Daniel Bryan that cost him the match.

Sheamus was looking way too strong heading into WrestleMania and this loss, while by count out, shows that he’s human and he can be vulnerable.


Overall, I thought this episode of SmackDown was a good show.

Christian’s return was great to see, while the main event was quite good. While the other segments and matches were up and down, the good canceled out the bad.

This was much better than last week’s episode and when you’re on the Road to WrestleMania, a bad episode is never a good thing!

With WrestleMania a little over two weeks away, I hope SmackDown can keep up the good work!


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