Lakers Trade Talk: Why Ramon Sessions Isn't the Answer for LA

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIIMarch 16, 2012

Ramon Sessions isn’t the answer for the Lakers. He’s a definite improvement over Derek Fisher, yes; but, he’s not going to bring the Lakers any closer to that championship ring that their fans desire.

So much hoopla and hype has gone into the point guard situation for the Lakers that it caused many to demand a change. In truth, fans have been waiting for a full season and a half for the Lakers to make the change at the point. In this time, the Lakers lost out on a chance to get the best point guard in the NBA, while allowing point guards like Williams, Rose, Rondo and even Lin to have their way with them.

Thus, fans began to clamor for anyone else to take Fisher’s place, and that the problem; most fans just wanted anyone. Somewhere along the way, people began to believe that if the Lakers upgraded at the point they would be a shoo-in for a championship or at least a finals appearance. Past occurrences of when opposing point guards would destroy Fisher had many believing the he was the sole weak link.

Now after all the dust has settled, Fisher has found himself traded, Ramon Sessions of the Cleveland Cavilers has found the purple and gold, and the Lakers are still in the same position as they were before; a good team that still needs to figure it out.

While Sessions is younger and more capable defensively than Fisher was, he still is going to have problems against the likes of a Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, Paul and Williams.

In fact, there will, most likely, be games where the Lakers still have Kobe guard the point guard position until Session can show otherwise. But, in all honesty, Sessions is a strong role player who’s going to get the opportunity to start on one of the premier teams in the league. 

Time will tell if he grows skill-wise, but at this point, he doesn’t really have a choice. The season is going to end with a flurry of games and he’s going to have to find his way or face the hate.

A common belief among some people was that Session now starting with the Lakers is going to double his production? I’m not sure I see how. Considering he’ll be the fourth option, at best, the only area where he will probably get better is in the assist category — which isn’t bad, but then again, that shouldn’t be too hard when you have Bryant, Bynum and Gasol on your team.

The Lakers right now have other issues that Sessions can’t fix. They are still stuck in an identity crisis, and have been unsure of how to break out of it. Going from Phil Jackson to Mike Brown definitely played a part, but overhauling the team and losing core guys that were helping them get it done also took an effect. Mix that with age and suddenly things don’t seem as easy as they did two years ago.

Sometimes, the Lakers play defense better than any other team in the NBA; other times, they look like a team that never learned how. At times, the Lakers just outscore other teams, and during others — especially on the road — they can’t seem to score enough. The team still has to gel and still has to completely figure out Mike Brown’s system. Ramon Session isn’t going to automatically change any of that. In a way, he might make it worse; considering all the pressure on him to immediately buy into the new system and put up unrealistic numbers.

In the end, the Lakers stayed too loyal to Derrick Fisher in the starting spot for too long. They had the better athlete in Shannon Brown and chemistry improvement in Jordan Farmar, but lost both of them because they were unwilling to part with Fisher in the starting role. Over time, it ended up killing them slowly but surely all the way to the point where the Lakers had to trade him and grab a strong role player to take his spot. There is no difference now from what they already had a few years ago, and back then, they had two guys they could look to.   

All in all, I’m not saying Session is not an improvement; he’s just not the PG savior that many think he is. He alone will not bring an automatic championship like many fans would believe.