NHL's 25 Most Jaw-Dropping Shootout Goals Ever

Jason Sapunka@moreSapunkaCorrespondent IIMarch 19, 2012

NHL's 25 Most Jaw-Dropping Shootout Goals Ever

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    When the NHL returned from the 2004-05 lockout, one of the new additions was the game-ending shootout.

    Now the NHL has no games ending in ties, which allows the league's best scorers to show off their skills.

    Some players have better hands and creativity than others, leading to some awe-inspiring moves.

Honorable Mention: Corey Perry

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    Definitely not a legal move in real shootouts, but this was hilarious for the skills competition.

25. Danny Briere

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    Should this one even count?

    The puck is supposed to be kept moving towards the goal.

    As Briere is in the stopping motion, he's still moving towards the net. Since he has the puck, he's still moving the puck towards the net.

    As he stops, he moves the puck forward using his stick. That could be the logic behind counting this one.

24. Anze Kopitar

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    If the shooter can pull the puck so far laterally like that, it is tough to stop him.

23. Thomas Vanek

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    This one is known as "Around the World."

22. Rick Nash

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    Nash's long reach makes this easier for him; a goalie can't cover both posts at once.

21. Ryan Kesler

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    The switch to the backhand was very smooth after the leg kick.

20. Mike Ribeiro

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    Goalies aren't used to dealing with a shooter who comes down at him sideways.

19. Kyle Turris

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    Yup, he just fed himself a one-timer.

18. Rick Nash

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    Maybe he did it on purpose. Maybe not.

17. Zach Parise

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    He's done the move multiple times. It's simple, but the unlikelihood of a player to shoot a backhander like that is what makes it so effective.

16. Pavel Datsyuk

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    It looks so simple, but it's not as effective if the shooter doesn't have hands like Datsyuk.

15. Alex Ovechkin

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    Ovechkin's late change of direction here really made this move work.

14. Brent Burns

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    Not much works better than opening up 75 percent of the net for your shot.

13. Martin St. Louis

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    What makes this effective is that the goalie is likely expecting another move instead of a shot.

12. Mike Ribeiro

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    It's very risky to go between your own legs like this, but Ribeiro pulled it off.

11. Jussi Jokinen

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    Sometimes you only need to deke with your direction of skating.

10. Devin Setoguchi

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    OK, this isn't really No. 10, but take a moment to consider how impressive these moves really are.

    Sometimes the moves don't work.

    Sometimes nothing works.

10. Ryan Shannon

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    Khabibulin's poke check was not very effective once Shannon decided to turn around.

9. Pierre-Marc Bouchard

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    Bouchard's version of the move looked a little more graceful.

8. Sidney Crosby

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    If you hear someone talk about "The Crosby" move, this is it.

7. Patrick Kane

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    What exactly can a goalie do to stop this? Kane's puck-handling abilities make it nearly impossible to stop this.

6. Ryan Getzlaf

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    Admit it, the move fooled you, too.

5. Claude Giroux

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    Claude Giroux is a superstar, and he can deke like the best of them.

4. Pavel Datysuk

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    "Giroux, do you got a name for that move?"

    "The Datsyuk."

3. Marek Malik

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    He really just made that move work.

2. Mikhail Grabovski

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    You shouldn't be able to score from that angle.

1. Pavel Datsyuk

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    That's not even a shot!


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