NCAA Tournament Scores 2012: 4 Teams That Will Blow out Opponents

Zayne Grantham@ZPGSportsContributor IIIMarch 16, 2012

NCAA Tournament Scores 2012: 4 Teams That Will Blow out Opponents

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    Everyone loves a great, close college basketball game. However, every year there are games that end in blowouts, and I secretly love those games.

    Most people have teams that they hate, and love to see those clubs get embarrassed in the second or third round of the NCAA tournament.

    Fans also enjoy seeing their own team put a good beating on another team.

    Either way, the blowouts happen and, typically, someone is enjoying that.

    This year will be no different. We have already seen Florida embarrass Virginia in the second round. The Gators beat the Cavaliers 71-45 on Friday. Marquette also took care of BYU by a comfortable 20-point margin.

    The second round is where we see a lot of double-digit wins, but here are four more teams that will blow out their next opponent.

Baylor vs. Colorado

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    Baylor is coming off of a 20-point victory over BYU and is looking to make a run in 2012.

    Colorado upset UNLV in the second round of the tournament and is hoping to make it by a top contender in the third round.

    The Buffaloes have won five straight games and have been upsetting teams since entering the Pac-12 tournament as the sixth seed, taking home the championship.

    There is no doubt that the Bears understand what kind of team they are going up against, and I believe that Baylor will pick Colorado apart.

    Baylor has been up and down in 2012. After losing to Kansas twice in the regular season, the Bears beat the Jayhawks in the Big 12 tournament, but later lost to Missouri for the third time in 2012.

    The Bears have a lot to prove in the NCAA tournament, and the Buffaloes are the next team in their way.

    Colorado's great defense will be the biggest obstacle for Baylor to overcome. However, if the Bears can collapse Buffalo's defense, then Baylor should dominate.

    I look for Colorado to keep this game close early on, but the Bears should begin to pull away in the second half and win the game by double-digits.

Kentucky vs. Iowa State

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    Kentucky has definitely taken notice of what Iowa State did to the defending champions.

    Iowa State took down UConn in a dominating fashion. In the second round of the tournament, Iowa State beat UConn 77-64, and now they have their sights set on the No.1 team in the country.

    The Wildcats have only lost two games this season and are expecting to win it all.

    Kentucky lost in the SEC championship game against Vanderbilt, which undoubtedly lit a fire under this team. If there was one problem with this young Wildcats team, it was that they are too cocky.

    However, that loss humbled them, and John Calipari definitely has his team ready to play.

    The Wildcats will take on the Cyclones in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

    Iowa State has proven that they did not come to the tourney to get shoved around, but this Kentucky team will prove to be too much to handle.

Marquette vs. Murray State

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    This is going to be one of the most interesting matchups to watch in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

    Marquette is known as a powerful basketball club, and they are not new to the tournament. Murray State is also a pretty popular pick to go deep into the tournament as one of the best mid-major teams in 2012.

    However, Marquette is a better team than Murray State in just about every area—not to mention that one of the Racers' best players, Donte Poole, just suffered a broken nose in the second round.

    This is an injury that will not prevent Poole from playing, but could very well affect his game. Since Murray State's offense revolves around Poole and fellow guard Isaiah Canaan, the Racers could find themselves in trouble if Poole doesn't play up to par.

    Marquette would also be able to suffocate the Racers offense.

    The Golden Eagles already have a pretty talented defense, and they can overpower the Racers offense. Marquette's offense was the best in the Big East in 2012, and dropped 88 against BYU in the second round.

    This matchup looks like it will be good, but don't be fooled. Marquette walks away from this round with a blowout victory.

Cincy vs. Florida State

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    Florida State will blow out Cincinnati in the third round of the NCAA tournament.

    Bold prediction, I know.

    However, let's take a look at these two teams.

    Florida State has already shown that it can handle top competition by taking down both Duke and North Carolina in the ACC tournament. They are coming off a game in which they barely beat a talented St. Bonaventure team.

    Cincy is coming off a 65-59 victory over Texas, and proved themselves in the regular season.

    They were able to beat teams like Marquette, Syracuse, Georgetown and Xavier in 2012.

    Florida State is going to come into this game on fire and ready to show the world that they are for real, again. Doubts have already crept up on the Seminoles after their close victory in the second round.

    There is a good chance that this team got a little too confident after taking out two of the country's best teams in the ACC tournament, but they have not been humbled.

    Cincy would likely be a top seed in the country and a No. 2 or No. 3 seed in another region had they not lost the non-conference games that they did.

    The Bearcats proved that they are at their best when playing against other Big East teams, and they have a tendency to lose games they should win.

    This is another game that has all the makings of what should be a close game, but I'm looking for the Seminoles to beat the Bearcats by double digits in the third round of the NCAA tournament.