Orlando Magic Set Another Record That The Knicks Couldn't

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Well J.Rich, thanks for scoring 3.3 points a game and hitting a 3 with 2.20 left to give our extremely good ball club some more mention on sports-center this morning, I'm sure.

Waking up a bit before my normal time was nice too. It gave me the ability to sit down and remind people of something: the last time a ball club hit 23 3's was in March of 2005, when the Raptors did it in the 05-06 season, AKA their "Building Season" where they drafted Charlie V.

The last time the Magic scored as much as they did last night, was back when we had The SHAQ Attack in 95 when the Magic scored 152 points against the Milwaukee Bucks 104. We also went 57-25 that year, having the best record in the east. So, I ask all NBA fans, at what point do you take the 31-8 Orlando Magic ball club seriously?