2012 NHL Free Agency: The Top 4 Players the Calgary Flames Should Pursue

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2012 NHL Free Agency: The Top 4 Players the Calgary Flames Should Pursue

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    Calgary Flames fans will all agree that their team needs to make a splash this off-season.

    The club can no longer rely on just the play of superstars Miikka Kiprusoff and Jarome Iginla; the Flames need to build a better supporting cast to have success moving forward.

    With players like Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, the pool of free agents for the upcoming off-season has teams around the league very excited.

    The Flames won’t be able to get every player they desire, of course, but let’s look at the top 4 players the Calgary Flames should strongly pursue.

No. 4: Brad Boyes

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    Brad Boyes has certainly not lived up to expectations in Buffalo, but that doesn’t mean the 29-year-old can’t return to the form that netted him 43 goals in 2007-08.

    I don’t expect him to make close to the $4 million he is making this season, which means he could come at a reasonable price for someone with his offensive upside.

    Boyes could be a good fit on the right wing for the Flames, adding depth that their right side currently lacks.

No. 3: Chris Kelly

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    Chris Kelly may not be the center that the Flames have been searching for to play with Iginla, but he does have skill the team needs.

    What Kelly brings is a strong faceoff percentage, a stat in which the Flames currently rank last in the league.  He is a dependable player who could serve Calgary well as a second or third-line center.

    Kelly would add experience to a Flames team who has many young faces set to make the jump to the big leagues next year.

No. 2: Ryan Suter

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    The Nashville Predators have two All-Star defensemen looking for new contracts heading into 2012-13.

    They’ll get to keep only one of them.

    In my opinion, the Predators will lock down Shea Weber and leave Ryan Suter and his unrestricted free-agent tag free to choose from the many teams that’ll want him.

    Suter is an all-around player who is solid in his own end, but can put up points in the offensive zone. The 27-year-old eats up a lot of minutes and will be a major asset to whichever team is able to land him as a free agent.

No. 1: Zach Parise

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    Zach Parise will be the most sought after unrestricted free agent in the offseason, and for very good reason.

    When healthy, Parise is can be an impact player. His speed, along with his work ethic, makes him a world-class goal scorer.

    With Parise flanking the left wing while Iginla handles the right, the Flames could have one of the deadliest top lines in the league.