St. Patrick's Day Salute to 5 Really Short Pro Athletes

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIMarch 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Salute to 5 Really Short Pro Athletes

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    Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.   A time to celebrate Saint Patrick, who died in the year 461.  Which I believe is also the year Joan Rivers was born.

    What better way to celebrate this joyous day than by paying tribute to one of the truly iconic figures that dominate the landscape every March 17th.  Of course, I speak of the Leprechaun. 

    Unfortunately, since there are no Leprechauns currently playing in any of the professional sports leagues (unless you count WWE's Hornswoggle), I felt the next best way to give props to the Leprechaun's legacy would be by giving a shout-out to the men who stand head and shoulders above the rest, metaphorically speaking of course.

    So here is just a small sample of the athletes who currently hold the title of being the shortest in their chosen profession.

Trindon Holliday: Shortest Player in the NFL

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    Name:   Trindon Holliday

    Height:  5’5”

    Team:   Houston Texans

    Trindon Holliday is a wide receiver for the Houston Texans. 

    Although the NFL's shortest player, Trindon is still considered one of the fastest.  Not a bad attribute to have considering his line of work.

    They say everything is big in Texas, and given Trindon’s accomplishments, I’d say this would apply to him.

Earl Boykins: Shortest Player in the NBA

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    Name:  Earl Boykins

    Height: 5’5”

    Team:   Washington Wizards

    At 5’5”, Earl is the second shortest player ever to play in the NBA.

    The record for the shortest player is still held in high-esteem by Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues.

Nathan Gerbe: Shortest Player in the NHL

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    Name:   Nathan Gerbe

    Height:  5’5”

    Team:   Buffalo Sabres

    American Nathan Gerbe is currently the shortest player to lace them up in the NHL. 

    The diminutive left-winger says that, for inspiration, he looks  to the play of Tampa Bay Lightning Martin St. Louis (5'7") and Philadelphia Flyer Danny Briere (5'10").

Takehiro Harusaki: MMA's Shortest Fighter

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    Name:    Takehiro Harusaki

    Height:   5’1”

    League: Sherdog

    The tale of the tape for Takehiro Harusaki sees him clocking in at a minuscule 5’1”, 114 lbs.

    The Japanese-born combatant fights in the aptly named "strawweight" category.

Daniel Herrera: Shortest Player in Major League Baseball

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    Name:   Daniel Herrera

    Height:  5’6”

    Team:   New York Mets

    The shortest player in the MLB is pitcher Daniel Herrera from the New York Mets. 

    Herrera stands at 5’6”, but whenever he takes the mound, he looks much taller.