The Top 3 QBs in the 2012 NFL Draft: A Closer Look

TIM LOLContributor IIIMarch 16, 2012

This upcoming draft is full of potential at almost every position. Over recent years, the NFL has turned into a league that is driven by the quarterback position. We can already assume that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will be taken in the first round by the Colts and the Redskins, respectively. Where Tannehill ends up still remains a mystery.

Let's take a look at the top 3 quarterbacks of the 2012 NFL draft:


***2011 Stats***

Andrew Luck: 37 TD, 10 INT, 71.3%, 169.7 Rating 

Robert Griffin III: 37 TD, 6 INT, 72.4%, 189.5 Rating

Ryan Tannehill: 29 TD, 15 INT, 61.6%, 133.2 Rating 



Andrew Luck

- Feels comfortable in the pocket.

- Works well with the 3-step game.

- Throws accurately while on the run.

Luck is not afraid to run.
Luck is not afraid to run.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

- Keeps his eye down the field.

- Avoids pressure and is definitely hard to take down.

Robert Griffin III

- Creates destruction with both his arm and his legs.

- Very accurate downfield passer.

- Can fit the ball into tight areas, takes reasonable risks.

- Releases the ball cleanly with a good spiral on all levels of the field.

- Everyone loves listening to him talk.

Ryan Tannehill

- A strong arm that he has confidence in.

- Dangerous on his feet, running for 355 yards and four touchdowns last season.

- His experience playing wide receiver gives him an all-around feel for the game.

- Was able to beat good teams and make plays when they mattered. (Eli Manning?)

- Played in a pro-style offense at Texas A&M.

Griffin needs to work on recognizing the blitz and finding the hot man.
Griffin needs to work on recognizing the blitz and finding the hot man.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images


***Against the 3rd Down Blitz***

Luck: 57.3%, 0 INT

Griffin: 62.0%, 5 INT

Tannehill: 57.1%, 5 INT



Andrew Luck

- Locks onto receivers too early, causing many forced passes.

- Becomes flushed when pressured, resulting in lower accuracy.

- Will rainbow long passes, giving defensive backs more time to get under the ball.

Robert Griffin III

- Barely comfortable taking snaps from under center.

Tannehill has proved he can win big games, but he also can flail in the easy ones.
Tannehill has proved he can win big games, but he also can flail in the easy ones.Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

- Not consistent in pre-snap duties, like recognizing the hot man or locating the blitz.

- Might have a hard transition from Baylor’s offense to pro-style.

Ryan Tannehill

- Working his way back from a foot injury.

- Less experience (20 games) leads to forced passes and underestimation of the defense.

- Had many poor performances that led to blown leads, especially in big games.



We do have one part of this draft soap opera solved, for we know that all three of these quarterbacks will have a big impact on their teams in the fall of 2012.