Adam Dunn Has No Place to Go If He Wants to Play OF

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

Adam Dunn is still unemployed for 2009.

Maybe surprising if this is a case last year, but this year's offseason has been slow. True, but Dunn wants to play outfield, so his option of going to an American League team is dead at this point.

But, not many National League teams are interested in him. The only one I can name is the Nationals. From the American League, the Orioles are showing interests if he plays DH for them.

So, Dunn needs to give up playing outfield?

Yes, he has to.

Dunn is a power hitter, since he constantly hits 30+ homers and knocks in 100+ RBIs every season, but is a career .247 hitter, and struck out 1256 times in eight years of MLB service (157 K's per year).  For his fielding at LF, he is a career .969 fielding percentage fielder. So, he is not good at playing outfield.

If the team takes his hitting stats, then it's a bargain to sign him at about $14 million per year, because he is consistent on hitting homers at least. But, if he still wants to play outfield, and leaves stats like that, then $14 million is a risky one. He is still 29. Not bad to lock him up for long term, but there is better option out in the market, who can hit for average, and knocks in 100+ RBIs constantly (like Bobby Abreu, but his age is an issue).

If Dunn wants to play for 2009 and get a good contract, he has to accept playing DH (if he goes to AL). Putting him in the outfield is not a real good option.

If any of the National League teams are willing to play him in outfield, maybe just sign him for a bargain price (never know though). So, NL teams who need a power bat should offer a contract to Dunn and see what happens.