Peyton Manning for Life, Dwight Howard Stays: BR5 3/16

BR5Daily ShowMarch 16, 2012

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up to date on everything from Orlando's super move to a child bookie.

Ending months of speculation, and showing loyalty uncommon in the NBA these days, Dwight Howard will not opt out of his contract with the Orlando Magic, and will play with the team through next season.

5th grade student Max Kohll was recently sent to the principal’s office for running an NCAA bracket competition during school. Kohll had no idea that this was wrong and received no further punishment from his mother.

South Dakota State coach Scott Nagy’s wife had quite the dilemma on her hands. She had to choose between watching her two sons playing in the South Dakota state basketball tournament, and her husband coaching against Baylor in the NCAA tournament.

The Tennessee Titans are reportedly offering Peyton Manning a lifetime contract. The veteran Manning, 35, is a pretty young guy as far as life goes, could potentially be hanging around on the Tennessee payroll for a long, long time.

The Corrigan Brothers celebrate Ireland's latest export, and the world's number 1 golfer Rory McIlroy with a drinking song, just in time for St. Patrick's day. The Corrigan brothers are best known from their 2008 St. Patrick’s day hit “There’s no-one as Irish as Barack O’Bama.”


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