Green Bay Packers: 5 Reasons OC Tom Clements Will Keep Pack on the Attack

Michael DulkaContributor IMarch 16, 2012

Green Bay Packers: 5 Reasons OC Tom Clements Will Keep Pack on the Attack

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    The Green Bay Packers won't miss a beat with Tom Clements as the team's new offensive coordinator after being hired following Joe Philbin's departure to become the Miami Dolphins newest head coach. Clements has coached in the league since 1997, coaching quarterbacks each season outside of 2004 and 2005, when Clements served as offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills

    The Packers had the highest scoring offense last season so expectations will certainly be high for Clements to come in and fill the position without a hiccup in order to get the team back to the Super Bowl in 2012. 

1. Aaron Rodgers

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    Tom Clements has the benefit of coaching the best football player in the world. Any coordinator in the league would love to have the chance to work with Rodgers. 

    Rodgers' intelligence shows through his tireless preparation and his ability to read defenses. The collaboration between Rodgers and Clements will, like it has in the past few seasons, benefit both and make their lives much easier. The two share a great a relationship that has been built since Clements came to Green Bay in 2006. 

    Part of the reason for Rodgers' rise on the NFL ladder is Clement's ability to coach the quarterback position. His knowledge of the position, and Rodgers specifically, will give Clements quite a nice advantage. 

2. Familiarity with the System

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    With how quickly coaching seats are filled and unfilled, there is definitely something to be said about continuity. By promoting Tom Clements to the offensive coordinator position, the Packers were able to keep that continuity with a group that has brought the franchise so much success.

    This year will be Clements' seventh year with the Packers, the previous six all spent as quarterbacks coach. Making the change from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, the Packers will be able to maintain the same coaching techniques that Rodgers and the rest of the offense have been accustomed to for years.

    By hiring from within, the Packers have a much better feel for how Clements will fit the position. Instead of having to worry about personalities or differences in philosophies that may have risen from an outsider, the Packers know what Clements brings to the table.  

3. Weapons

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    Along with having Aaron Rodgers at his disposal, Clements also has a ton of talent to work with on the Packers roster. As the highest scoring offense last season, the Packers will return almost all of their key contributors. 

    With arguably the best personnel in the league, Clements must feel like a kid inside a candy store with so much talent on the field. The great thing about the Packers' plethora of talent is that they have a decent mix of youth among their matured veterans. 

4. Mike McCarthy

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    Much like the slide with Aaron Rodgers, Clements will have the huge benefit of head coach Mike McCarthy. One of the best coaches in the league, McCarthy's offensive play-calling and strong hold on the Packers offense will keep them rolling as one of, if not the best, in the game. 

    With McCarthy being an offensive-focused coach, Clements won't have the full responsibility of running the offense. As McCarthy worries about play-calling and game management, Clements will have the chance to studying the opponents and present adjustments for McCarthy.

    McCarthy is a great teacher and Clements will have a great opportunity to learn from directly under him. 

5. Quarterback Development

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    Following Matt Flynn's spectacular, stunning performance against the Detroit Lions to close out the regular season, much was made about the possibility of Rodgers and Matt Flynn being system quarterbacks. Instead of degrading the players, more attention should be given to the development of the quarterbacks by Tom Clements and Mike McCarthy. 

    With Flynn out the door, the Packers will need to find a backup quarterback, if not Graham Harrell. Clements' will still have a close impact on the quarterbacks and their coaching, so the Packers are in good hands with the development of future quarterbacks. 

    In a league where one play can end a career, the Packers are in good hands with a guy who is known for developing quarterbacks.