Peyton Manning Rumors: Why the Denver Broncos Should Stay with Tim Tebow

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Why the Denver Broncos Should Stay with Tim Tebow
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Peyton Manning will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. Any team that picks him up will be instantly improved, and that holds true with the Denver Broncos. However, John Elway and the Denver Broncos should be wary. They, overall, would be better to stay with Tebow over acquiring Manning.

For this article, we will have to assume that Tebow will be traded if Manning arrives in Denver. That does seems to the be the case, if holds true.

Denver would be making a big mistake by giving up Tebow. While his numbers were not good this year, he will undoubtedly approve because of his drive and determination to succeed in the NFL. If Tebow can become a competent passer with around a 55 percent completion rating, his power to control the option as well pass would be an amazing asset to any team.

That being said, one would have to be foolish to think that Peyton Manning would not improve the Broncos immensely, even more then Tebow could accomplish. A Manning-led Broncos team could even win a Super Bowl.

But is maybe winning a Super Bowl enough? 

This situation reminds many of the Joe Montana 49er-Chiefs debacle. Montana was able to take the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game in his first year, but after that, he was unable to do much for the organization and retired soon after. The Chiefs, without Montana, have stayed in mediocrity, only making the playoffs here or there every couple of years.

The Broncos could see themselves in the same situation. Many teams decide to make that choice: the "right now" over the future. In pro football, sometimes this is the wrong choice. Sometimes, it is better to wait and see how a young player develops instead of immediately taking a proven veteran.

Whatever team Manning picks, he will surely take them to the playoffs and maybe even beyond. The Broncos organization must remember, though, who took them so far last year and how much of an affect the young QB has had on his team—and even the country.

Trading away Tebowmania is just not the answer. 

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