2012 NFL Draft: Free Agency Addition, Round 1 Mock

BobContributor IIMarch 16, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Free Agency Addition, Round 1 Mock

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    This year the first two picks are clear cut.  After a few days of free agency, it appears that teams are filling holes that they might have used draft picks on.  While it is still a month before the draft, most of the top tier of free agents are off the market.  

    Where Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn end up will have a huge affect on the top of this draft.

    I've included trades in this free agency addition.  Comments are appreciated.

Pick No. 1: Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

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    All indications point to the Colts selecting Andrew Luck No. 1 overall; however, they may fall in love with Robert Griffin III.  Either way, this pick will be the Colts' franchise quarterback for the next 10 years.

Pick No. 2: Washington Redskins (Trade with Rams): Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

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    The Redskins did not trade the farm to move up and select a offensive lineman.  This pick will be either Griffin or Luck depending on who the Colts do not select.  All indications would point to Griffin at this time.

Pick No. 3: Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil, OT, University of Southern California

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    The Vikings secondary needs help, but you can find good corners in the second and third round of the draft.  It is harder to find great left tackles after Round 1.  Minnesota will go with a tackle here to protect Christian Ponder's blindside.

Pick No. 4: Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

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    Normally running backs do not go this high, but Trent Richardson is that good.  If he somehow does make it past Cleveland, he will not slip by Tampa Bay.

Pick No. 5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Michael Brockers, DT, LSU

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    Trent Richardson would have been a no-brainer pick right here, but with Cleveland taking him off the board this pick could be potential trade bait.  The Buccaneers are well set at cornerback, offensive line, wide receiver and along the defensive line.  That being said, I'm not sure anyone will be willing to trade up to make this pick.

    With that being said, the Buccaneers might go defensive line.  I know the Buccaneers used their two picks on defensive tackles two years ago and last year selected two defensive ends with their first two picks, but the Bucs have a new head coach.  Brockers has tremendous upside and could step in and play for the oft-injured Gerald McCoy or Brian Price.

Pick No. 6: St. Louis Rams (Trade with Redskins): Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St.

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    I'm not as high on Justin Blackmon as many people are. However, he is a No. 1 receiver which the Rams have thus far failed to provide for Sam Bradford.  If Blackmon is there, the Rams will make this pick.

Pick No. 7: Jacksonville Jaguars: Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina

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    Ingram can play anywhere on the line and possibly outside linebacker.  More importantly, he can rush the passer.  The Jaguars could draft a cornerback like Morris Claiborne, but a good pass-rusher can make your entire secondary look good while a good cornerback can only make half of your field look good.

     Jacksonville will be looking for a young pass-rusher early in the draft.  Quinton Coples is another option, but he seems to lack the explosiveness.

Pick No. 8: Miami Dolphins: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

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    I see Matt Flynn going to the Dolphins, Seahawks or Browns which could shake up the first few picks in the draft.  The Dolphins look like the best landing spot for Flynn.  In somewhat of a surprising pick, the Dolphins select Michael Floyd.

    Floyd has all the tools to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL as long as he stays out of trouble. The Dolphins could also go left tackle here, but if the Dolphins do sign Flynn, they will want to draft a No. 1 receiver.  Then look for them to target another receiver with their second-round picks or one of their third-round picks.

Pick No. 9: Carolina Panthers: Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

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    Cornerbacks of Claiborne's talent do not drop out of the Top 10.  If he were to drop this far, Carolina would not hesitate to pick him.  If Claiborne is not here, the Panthers could go with Fletcher Cox out of Mississippi State.

Pick No. 10: Buffalo Bills: Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina

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    The Bills just signed Mario Williams, and somehow Coples falls to them.  They would be doing hand stands in the draft room if that happened.  With the two Williams (Mario and Kyle), Marcell Dareus and Coples, the Bills would be set on their line for years to come.

Pick No. 11: Kansas City Chiefs: Dontari Poe, NT, Memphis

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    Dontari Poe made some money for himself at the combine.  The Chiefs have still not found a true nose tackle.  Poe fits the mold.

Pick No. 12: Seattle Seahawks: Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State

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    The Seahawks frustrate fans and decide to wait and draft Matt Barkley next year much to the disappointment of the fanbase.  The Seahawks already have a stout defensive line, and as the Giants have shown, you can never have enough quality defensive linemen.

    I could also see the Seahawks drafting an offensive lineman, but after drafting two offensive tackles in the last two drafts, this is a little early to draft a guard.

Pick No. 13: Arizona Cardinals: Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

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    Ken Whisenhunt does not usually select offensive linemen this early in the draft, but if they are able to sign Peyton Manning, that could change.  No matter who is lined up behind center, a true left tackle would be the smart move for the Cardinals.

Pick No. 14: Dallas Cowboys: Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa

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    The Cowboys signed a cornerback in Brandon Carr.  They could still use some help on their offensive line.  They could move Tyron Smith to left tackle or leave him and place Reiff at left tackle.  Either way, the Cowboys would have their tackles for the future.

Pick No. 15: Philadelphia Eagles: David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

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    The Eagles need all the help they can from the draft to protect Michael Vick.  DeCastro is the best guard in this draft and would provide immediate help up front.  Is that Tiger Woods?

Pick No. 16: New York Jets: Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

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    The Jets need to pick up a few more wide receivers for the newly extended Mark Sanchez to throw to.  Wright might not be a true No. 1 receiver, but at best he could turn into a Mike Wallace-type receiver.

Pick No. 17: Cincinnati Bengals (Trade with Oakland): Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia

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    It does not hurt to have many quality offensive linemen especially when you have a young quarterback.  Glenn almost solidified himself in Round 1 with a strong combine.

Pick No. 18: San Diego Chargers: Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois

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    Mercilus could be this year's Aldon Smith.  Larry English has not been as productive as he should have been by now.  Pass-rushers are always in high demand, and if there is a corner and a pass-rusher on the board, then a team should always go with the pass-rusher.

    This pick could also be a wide receiver or a cornerback, although I do not think there is a wide receiver worth picking at this point.  I know the Chargers have added Jarret Johnson, but a younger pass-rusher to develop is always wise.

Pick No. 19: Chicago Bears: Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama

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    Upshaw is not the most athletically gifted player, but he has a great motor and is probably the defensive end most ready to play in the NFL.  The Bears were reportedly interested in Mario Williams prior to seeing how much the Bills were willing to pay him.  Other possibilities are some offensive line, secondary or linebacker help for the Bears.

Pick No. 20: Tennessee Titans: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama

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    The Titans lost Cortland Finnegan to free agency.  Cornerback is a position of possibility for the Titans.  You cannot teach size that Kirkpatrick has.  Kirkpatrick needs to add size to his frame but was well-coached at Alabama.

Pick No. 21: Cincinnati Bengals: Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama

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    Jenkins has talent but has had off the field issues and finished up his college career at North Alabama after playing at Florida.  Lucky for Jenkins the Bengals only care about athletic ability and do not mind to take on a player with character concerns.

Pick No. 22: Cleveland Browns (Trade with Atlanta): Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

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    The Browns missed out on the Robert Griffin III bidding.  The Browns are not that excited about Colt McCoy, but it is looking like they might be stuck with him for at least one more year. Since they have two picks in the first round, they could always add a quarterback like Tannehill and work him into the starting role during the year.

Pick No. 23: Detroit Lions: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

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    Stephon Gilmore fits a need pick with the Lions as they are lacking at the cornerback position after losing Eric Wright to free agency.  

Pick No. 24: Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

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    It was painful at times to watch Big Ben limp his way through games this last season.  Mike Adams should go higher than this, but if he does not, look for the Steelers to try and find some offensive linemen in this draft to keep Ben upright.

Pick No. 25: Denver Broncos: Devon Still, DT, Penn State

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    The Broncos played well against the run this last year but could still look at adding a defensive tackle with Still's ability.

Pick No. 26: Houston Texans: Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech

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    The Texans should add another receiving threat opposite Andre Johnson.  Hill could develop into a player like Johnson if he adds additional strength.  With Johnson drawing attention on one side, it would also be easier for Hill to develop.

Pick No. 27: New England Patriots (Trade with Saints): Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan St.

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    The Patriots always seem to age on the defensive line each year by signing older free-agent defensive linemen.  The Patriots have two picks in this years draft, and once again will probably trade one of their picks for a first-round pick next year.

Pick No. 28: Green Bay Packers: Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College

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    This feels like a Green Bay pick, and most of the top cornerbacks are off the board.

Pick No. 29: Baltimore Ravens: Nick Perry, OLB, University of Southern California

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    The Ravens know the value of the pass-rush.  This pick makes sense with the departure of Jarret Johnson.  The Ravens could also look at a center such as Peter Konz from Wisconsin.

Pick No. 30: San Francisco 49ers: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford

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    The 49ers already have three quality tight ends in Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker and Nate Byham.  Byham is more of a blocking tight end while Walker will be a free agent at the end of this next year.

    Walker will most likely be looking for a team that will allow him to have a shot at being a No. 1 tight end.  With the 49ers placing a high value on tight ends and Alex Smith, when he signs, loving to check down to tight ends, this seems like a good fit.

Pick No. 31: Seattle Seahawks (Trade with NE): Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State

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    The Patriots have been trading one of their No. 1 picks in the draft the last few years.  If the Seahawks lose out on Matt Flynn and decide not to draft Ryan Tannehill, the Patriots could draft Osweiler.

    Osweiler is 6'7" and has more athleticism than you would think for a man his size. Osweiler had originally committed to Gonzaga on a basketball scholarship but chose to play football. Expect the Seahawks to pick a quarterback somewhere in the draft.

Pick No. 32: New York Giants: Amini Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State

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    The Giants love to draft early on the offensive and defensive line.  Their offensive line is aging, and some depth to the line is required.  Silatolu is a solid player that is an aggressive blocker. He played left tackle in college, but would probably move inside to guard.  He could end up being similar to Mike Iupati of the 49ers.