WWE News: Shawn Michaels Comments on the Rock-Cena Feud

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 15, 2012

Photo: sportstationic.blogspot.com
Photo: sportstationic.blogspot.com

WrestleMania XXVIII is right around the corner and wrestling fans are curious to find out who will win the match between John Cena and The Rock.

This feud has been building for a year, since WrestleMania XXVII.  Many in the Internet wrestling community have enjoyed the feud and the direction it's been going thus far.

Another iconic WWE superstar who knows what feuds are all about is Shawn Michaels.  On a recent episode of ESPN's Fantasy Focus Baseball, Michaels sat down for an interview and shared his thoughts on the current feud between The Rock and John Cena.

He commented that he enjoyed the direction the WWE was taking in terms of The Rock and John Cena feud, and he compared it to the feud he was involved in with Bret "The Hitman" Hart, which led to the most notorious incident in professional wrestling history: "The Montreal Screwjob."

Michaels was quoted as saying:

Sometimes, I feel like WWE has lost that in a lot of respects.  John and Rock have brought back what somebody like me used to do on a regular basis back in the day.

I think it’s refreshing, it’s good, good for business, and good for them to bring out the best in each other. There’s nothing wrong with making it personal; that’s better business, whether people like it or not.

Michaels also commented on his role as guest referee at WrestleMania XXVIII:

There’s a chance—I can tell you here that I’m going to try to be objective, but then you get out there and then I’m in a conflict with myself—I’m Mr. Hall of Fame and I’m Mr. WrestleMania and I’m so used to having the spotlight on me—am I going to be able to share it with these other two guys? That is a lot to put on a man.

It remains to be seen if Michaels can in fact remain impartial in the match between Triple H and The Undertaker and when it comes to heated feuds, Shawn Michaels is an expert in that category.


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