25 Hot WAGs Who Have Been Cheated on

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterMarch 16, 2012

25 Hot WAGs Who Have Been Cheated on

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    Professional athletes pretty much have it all. They've got more money than most of them could ever spend, the adoration of millions of fans and ridiculously hot wives or girlfriends. You'd think some of these guys would just count their blessings and be happy with what they've got. 

    That's just not the world they live in though. With money and fame come an endless string of temptations in the form of drugs, alcohol and hordes of beautiful women tripping over themselves for the opportunity to take their clothes off for them. 

    Maybe you would be eternally happy and grateful if you managed to convince Elin Nordegren to marry you…but maybe it's because you don't have the same kind of access and options that Tiger Woods does?

    Either way, it happens all the time. Here are 25 crazy-hot WAGs that have been dogged by their men. 

25. Tami Roman

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    The Cheater: Kenny Anderson, retired NBA player 

    Basketball Wives star and former Real World cast member Tami Roman was married to former NBA player Kenny Anderson for seven years before filing for divorce in 2001. Roman cited Anderon's repeated infidelities as the cause of the divorce and successfully challenged their pre-nup agreement. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 9

24. Victoria Beckham

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    The Cheater: David Beckham, English footballer 

    David Beckham's wife and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham have been married for almost 15 years and have four children together. The couple seem relatively happy together, especially considering all of the very public cheating scandals they've weathered together.

    Cheat-o-meter: 8  

23. Vanessa Bryant

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    The Cheater: Kobe Bryant, NBA player 

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his wife of over 10 years, Vanessa, are currently in the midst of a divorce. There have been rumors of a reconciliation, but it was Kobe's flagrant infidelities during the course of their marriage that finally pushed Vanessa to pull the plug. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 10 (the cheating was bad enough, but I think we all remember a certain unpleasant scandal that she had to deal with awhile back. Ain't no diamond big enough to excuse all that)

22. Millie Corretjer

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    The Cheater: Oscar De La Hoya, retired boxer 

    Retired boxer and drunken drug-enthusiast Oscar De La Hoya admitted he had cheated on his wife Millie Corretjer. He confessed to cheating on her multiple times with multiple women, but insisted he was "no Tiger Woods."

    Ha, yeah—Tiger Woods doesn't wear fishnet stockings. *burrrrrrrn*

    Cheat-o-meter: 8 (he's awful, but he has a long history of being awful…girl should have known better)

21. Joumana Kidd

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    The Cheater: Jason Kidd, NBA player

    In January 2007, Mavericks guard Jason Kidd filed for divorce from Joumana Kidd, his wife of 10 years. Kidd pleaded guilty to domestic abuse during the course of their marriage and Joumana accused him of cheating on her during the divorce proceedings. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 6 (their relationship was toxic, but past behavior suggests there's truth to Joumana's accusations)

20. Pilar Sanders

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    The Cheater: Deion Sanders, retired NFL player

    "Neon Deion" Sanders is currently in the midst of a divorce from his wife of many years, Pilar. Deion's lust for the ladies seems to be a contributing factor—an (alleged) affair with a 19-year-old "friend" of Pacman Jones may have been the final straw for Pilar.

    Infidelity rumors have plagued the couple for years, so divorce is really the humane option at this point. 


19. Coleen Rooney

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    The Cheater: Wayne Rooney, English footballer

    In September 2010, it was reported that footballer Wayne Rooney had cheated on his wife Coleen while she was pregnant with the couple's son. British tabloids reported that Rooney paid for sex with high-priced prostitute Jennifer Thompson seven times over four months. 

    Apparently, the hooker sold him out to the tabloids, but Rooney said of the reports, "Coleen won't forgive me this time. She will leave me." This time? Suppose that wasn't the first time and something tells me it won't be the last! Naturally, she took him back and the family was recently spotted on a vacation in Barbados. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 9 (She's complicit, but the frequency and public nature of the reports supersede that)

18. Marie-Pier Mornin

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    The Cheater: Brandon Prust, NHL player

    In March 2011, it was reported that the Rangers' Brandon Prust was cheating on Marie-Pier Mornin, his girlfriend of over a year, with D-List actress Michelle Trachtenberg. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 3 (It's crappy, but they're still together)

17. Brandi Garnett

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    The Cheater: Kevin Garnett, NBA player

    Celtics big man Kevin Garnett has been married to his wife Brandi for almost eight years and has (likely) been cheating on her for at least the last four. I said at least  because 2008 was the first time it was reported, but the first time you get caught is rarely the first time it happens.

    So 2008 was the first time, but it really wasn't the last. Garnett has been rumored to be having affairs with a number of women over the last few years; the most recent reports came in June of 2011. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 6 (KG's flagrant affairs are pretty bad, but clearly the wife is complicit)

16. Shanna Moakler

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    The Cheater: Oscar De La Hoya, retired boxer 

    Former Playboy model Shanna Moakler dated then-boxer Oscar De La Hoya from 1997 to 2000. The couple became engaged prior to their birth of their daughter, but the happiness wouldn't last. 

    Moakler ended the relationship in 2000 after spotting him on television at the Latin Grammy's with another woman. Smart dude…real smart. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 10 (De La Hoya is a skeez, but Moakler is better off)

15. Nereida Gallardo

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    The Cheater: Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugese footballer

    In late 2008, overly-manscaped heartbreaker Cristiano Ronaldo dumped his girlfriend, Spanish beauty Nereida Gallardo, via text message. The couple had been together for just over seven months at the time. 

    In an interview soon after the split, Gallardo expressed her sadness over the breakup and also said she suspected Ronaldo had been unfaithful—citing suspicious text messages. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 2 (there were accusations of infidelity on both sides and the relationship wasn't all that serious)

14. Tyra Banks

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    The Cheater: Chris Webber, retired NBA player

    Megamodel Tyra Banks and then-NBA player Chris Webber ended their three-year relationship in 2004. Two years later, she shed some tears over the split on an episode of her talk show called "Professional Athletes and the Women Who Love Them."

    Tyra didn't get into the details, but admitted she just couldn't stay in the relationship after learning of Webber's infidelities.

    Cheat-o-meter: 9 (Three years is a pretty serious relationship and she was obviously still emotional years later)

13. Bridget Moynahan

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    The Cheater: Tom Brady, NFL player

    In December 2006, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady split with pregnant actress Bridget Moynahan, his girlfriend of more than three years. Less than three weeks later Brady's relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen was confirmed—apparently they had been dating since sometime before Christmas. 

    The timing was all very conveniently hazy, but since a pregnant Moynahan was willing to take the high road on the accusations front, the media was willing to follow suit. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 8 (Nothing was ever confirmed, but Moynahan was stunned by the breakup and Brady was settled down with his future-wife within weeks, if not days)

12. Kim Kardashian

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    The Cheater: Reggie Bush, NFL player

    According to recent reports, Dolphins running back Reggie Bush and amateur adult-film star Kim Kardashian are giving it another go as a couple. Why the hell not, right?

    In March 2010, the couple ended their first go at a relationship because: 1. Bush was cheating on her and 2. Bush didn't want to get married. Shouldn't the first one have been enough?

    Cheat-o-meter: 1 (She's soulless, who cares)

11. Kate Hudson

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    The Cheater: Alex Rodriguez, MLB player

    In summer 2009, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez started dating actress Kate Hudson—one of countless blondes he's dated since his divorce. The romance was over before Christmas and by January there were reports that A-Rod's cheating was the likely culprit. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 2 (She couldn't, or shouldn't, have expected anything better from A-Rod)

10. Halle Berry

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    The Cheater: David Justice, MLB player

    Actress Halle Berry was married to retired baseball player David Justice for five years in the early-to-mid 1990s. Their relationship was volatile and eventually Berry filed for divorce amid rumored infidelities and accusations of domestic abuse on the part of Justice.

    Cheat-o-meter: 10

9. Cheryl Tweedy

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    The Cheater: Ashley Cole, English footballer 

    Singer Cheryl Tweedy had been married to footballer Ashley Cole for just over three years when they separated in early 2010 after reports that he had been cheating became public. All told, Cole had hooked up with at least five other women. 

    The whole soap opera played out in the British tabloids for over six months while the couple tried to make it work. Tweedy obviously made an effort, but when reports surfaced that Cole had been bragging that the reconciliation was a "done deal," she pulled the plug for good.  

    Cheat-o-meter: 10

8. Eva Longoria

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    The Cheater: Tony Parker, NBA player

    In November 2010, actress Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Spurs point guard Tony Parker. There were immediate reports that Parker had been having an affair with Erin Barry, the wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry. 

    Longoria immediately confirmed the cheating allegations, squashing any hope of a reconciliation. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 9 (Would have been a 10, but later it was revealed that Longoria may have been steppin' out on the marriage herself)

7. Gia Allemand

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    The Cheater: Carl Pavano, MLB player 

    Bikini model and former Bachelor contestant Gia Allemand dated then-Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano from 2005 to 2006. Allemand was the dumper and ditched Pavano after (she alleges) he cheated on her. 

    It always sucks to be cheated on, but the two of them were much younger back then and things certainly seemed to have worked out very well for the both of them. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 3

6. Evelyn Lozada

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    The Cheater: Chad Ochocinco, NFL player 

    In January 2012, TMZ reported that Patriots receiver Chad Ochconico's wedding to Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada was on hold because of the groom's wandering eye. When your husband-to-be is stepping out on you before the marriage, rethinking the wedding is smart. 

    Apparently Lozada isn't that smart though—the couple's wedding is reportedly back on because Lozada has come to terms with the situation and decided she'd rather let Ocho have his open marriage than lose her meal ticket. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 1 (If she's fine with it, I guess I am too)

5. Gemma Atkinson

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    The Cheater: Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer 

    Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo dated busty British model/actress Gemma Atkinson for a period in 2007. Apparently neither of them were very serious about the relationship from the beginning because there were cheating rumors on both sides. 

    Atkinson's infidelities were just unsubstantiated rumors though, whereas Ronaldo's poolside orgy with five prostitutes was documented fact. A hooker habit is a hard one to break, and Atkinson is definitely better off. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 6 (Five hookers at once)

4. Elin Nordegren

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    The Cheater: Tiger Woods, PGA golfer  

    This was hands-down the ugliest cheating scandal in sports history. In November 2009, Nordegren learned that Woods, her husband of five years and father of her two children, had been cheating on her. 

    Obviously, she didn't take it well, because Woods was injured in a late-night car crash after attempting to flee their shared home. We don't know how much Nordegren knew then, but within two weeks of that incident, Woods' total mistress count was over a dozen.

    The couple tried in vain to make it work for a few months before Nordegren filed for the inevitable divorce in April, 2010. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 10 (+infinity)

3. Rihanna

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    The Cheater: Matt Kemp, MLB player 

    In 2010, Dodger Matt Kemp and sexy singer Rihanna had been dating for about seven months when he was caught by the paparazzi on a date with another woman. The couple never confirmed or denied the story, but Kemp's reaction to the papers was confirmation enough. 

    Apparently, it was all the confirmation Rihanna needed—just two weeks later, it was announced that the singer was officially "back on the market." 

    Cheat-o-meter: 6

2. Abbey Clancy

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    The Cheater: Peter Crouch, English footballer 

    This one was especially bad because the pair was engaged and the whole story played out publicly, much to the delight of the British tabloids. Clancy was working on set when she received the news that Crouch had a sex romp in Barcelona with a teenage prostitute. 

    The scandal was ugly, but apparently Clancy is the forgiving type, because just over a year later, they welcomed their first child and were married three months later. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 10 (Hookers and an engagement bumped this one up)

1. Sara Carbonero

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    The Cheater: Iker Casillas, Spanish footballer 

    In September 2010, allegations surfaced on the Internet that Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas had cheated on longtime-girlfriend Sara Carbonero with a very busty, blonde, Argentinean dancer by the name of Luciana Salazar. 

    The details were a little on the salacious side, but apparently the couple put the incident behind them, because today they are happily engaged. 

    Cheat-o-meter: 2