2012 NFL Draft: 4 Teams That Are One Great Draft Away from Dominance

Justine BrownCorrespondent IIMarch 15, 2012

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Typically a top pick in the NFL draft will go to a team in need of a cornerstone to start their rebuilding process, and even after drafting a great player, these teams usually still need major help before they can even thinking about contending for a Super Bowl. 

All of the excitement really comes into play when a team that is on the clock is maybe just a solid pick or two away from serious dominance.

These teams are the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals of the world. The Texans have been working on building their team for awhile, slowly putting together pieces and working their way to the playoffs.

The Bengals, on the other hand, came closer to success, probably quicker than anticipated, when their 2010 draft picks panned out rather nicely during last season.

These two teams, along with possibly the Eagles and the Lions, could potentially be a solid draft class away from where they want to be.


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