WWE SmackDown Preview: Christian Returns, GM War, Sheamus v. Bryan, and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 16, 2012


As the week comes to a close, WWE presents a new episode of "SmackDown!".

The show took a dive last week as John Laurinaitis took control of the Blue Brand. This week, Teddy Long resumes control and things may very well pick right back up.

Only one segment has been confirmed for the show as of this writing, but there a few others things to consider.

The Road to Embarrassment: What’s Next for Cody Rhodes and the Big Show?

Cody Rhodes and the Big Show started butting heads at the Royal Rumble when the "World’s Largest Athlete" eliminated the Intercontinental Champion.

They came to blows a few times during matches and Rhodes got his revenge at the Elimination Chamber PPV when he eliminated the Big Show from the SmackDown chamber match.

Since then, Rhodes would remind the Big Show and the WWE Universe of the 45-second world champion’s past embarrassing moments at WrestleMania every chance he can get.

He showed videos of the Big Show's sumo match with Akebono, getting knocked out by Floyd Mayweather and not even being on the card of WrestleMania X8.

The Big Show has gotten his hands on Rhodes a few times, but the champion has mostly run away from his much larger WrestleMania opponent.

With their Intercontinental Championship match at the Big Event on the horizon, what’s next for these two superstars?

Will the Big Show finally get his hands on Cody Rhodes, or will Rhodes get the chance to present another embarrassing moment?

WrestleMania Bound: Will Randy Orton and Kane Clash at the Big Event?

When Kane was defeated by John Cena at the Elimination Chamber PPV, the Big Red Monster needed a new target. Unfortunately for him, he may have chosen the wrong one.

After destroying the participants of a triple threat tag-team match, Kane went after Randy Orton. Orton wasted no time, though, and took the fight directly to Kane.

While the brawl ended with a chokeslam, Orton would gain his revenge twice the following week.

Last week on both Raw and SmackDown, the Apex Predator would deliver an RKO to Kane.

The hunter had certainly become the hunted, but Kane would look for some revenge of his own later in the night on SmackDown. The two of them would brawl into the crowd as the show went off the air.

This past Monday on Raw, Orton was in action against Jack Swagger. He promptly defeated the former world heavyweight champion, but Kane started to play mind games.

Fire shot out of the ring posts but Kane did not appear.

Will Kane play more mind games on SmackDown this week or will Randy Orton play some of his own? Will all of this lead to a match at the "Grandest Stage of Them All"?

The War Continues: Who Will Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis Choose For Their Teams?

Since the Elimination Chamber PPV, interim Raw general manager John Laurinaitis and SmackDown general manager Teddy Long have been at each others' throats over how to run the other’s show.

Both of them think that there should be one general manager to run both shows and the board of directors agree.

After all of the arguing, and even a match last week on SmackDown, the board of directors has ordered a 12-man tag team match at WrestleMania.

Each team will represent a general manager and the winning team gets their general manager the job of running both shows.

This past Monday on Raw, the first team members were revealed. Team Laurinaitis will be captained by David Otunga and will feature Mark Henry, while Team Long will be captained by Santino Marella.

In this article from WWE.com, Teddy Long revealed the latest member of his team as R-Truth.

Each general manager still needs four more superstars on their respective teams.

Who will John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long get to join their WrestleMania teams? Will any superstar offer their services to one due to their dislike of the other?

A Battle for Gold: What’s Next for Daniel Bryan and Sheamus?

Sheamus has been on quite the roll since being drafted to SmackDown. Despite his dominating ways, Sheamus haven't gain a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

With the summer months being hogged by the Randy Orton/Christian feud and the fall/winter seasons being hogged by the Big Show and Mark Henry, Sheamus was just a side note on SmackDown.

When the Royal Rumble hit, though, everything changed.

Sheamus entered the Rumble match at No. 22 and eliminated Chris Jericho to win a shot at the title of his choosing.

After teasing about who he would choose, the Great White Sheamus made his decision when he attacked World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan at the Elimination Chamber.

Since then, the two superstars have had a war of words and have clashed a few times in the ring.

This past Monday on Raw, Sheamus went one-on-one with Dolph Ziggler while Bryan sat in a sky box with A.J. scouting his WrestleMania opponent.

With the big event a little over three weeks away, what will happen between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan? Will they once again go face-to-face and talk or will an all-out brawl ensue?

Captain Charisma Returns: Christian to Host the Peep Show

After Christian’s quest for the World Heavyweight Championship ended, he went down with an injury in November.

While making a few appearances, Captain Charisma all but disappeared from WWE programming.

His Peeps certainly missed him for the months that he was gone and that hole was filled when Christian returned at the Elimination Chamber.

He walked out to the ring and endorsed John Laurinaitis for the job of sole general manager. Then, he disappeared again.

Three weeks had gone by and Christian had yet to show up on SmackDown. This past Monday on Raw, though, the Peeps got some good news.

WWE announced that Captain Charisma would be returning on this week’s SmackDown to host the Peep Show!

Who will be his guest on the show? What can the fans expect as Christian makes his return to the Blue Brand?

With Teddy Long back in charge, this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown shows promise and could be quite the solid show.

Will it be? Tune in to find out!


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