Memo To The WWE: Please Bring Back The Rock!

Shashwat BaxiCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a soap opera consisting of athletes. There is no question about whether "pro wrestling" is a scripted business that many people consider to be stupid and fake.

Even then, millions of people still tune in to the weekly RAW or Smackdown episodes to see these guys hit each other with chairs, bury them alive in caskets, or throw them off the top of the steel cage!

Over the last few years, pretty much since the end of WWF (due to the World Wildlife Foundation), the entire wrestling business has really lost it's appeal.

The story lines are starting to get repetitive, major stars are leaving the the WWE and joining TNA, and the generation of WWF Attitude fans are beginning to turn their backs on pro wrestling.

Nobody wants to see wrestling superstars like Sting, Kurt Angle, the New Age Outlaws, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, the Steiner Brothers, and many others... on TNA. These guys were champions on WWE and have left the WWE with Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, John Cena, and the Undertaker.

With all of the issues that the WWE is having, there is one easy solution. Do whatever it takes to bring back the People's Champion! The Rock needs to be brought back to WWE and he needs to be brought back now!

It is well understood that The Rock would much rather focus on his acting career. He has been in numerous movies since his last match in the WWE and is continuing to work on other projects, but Vince McMahon really needs to lure him back to his fans in the WWE!

The "Most electrifying man in sports and entertainment" is exactly the type of spark that the company needs to get people back to tuning in. The Rock showed up in 2007, via sattellite, and the place went absolutly crazy.

There is no question that The Rock is the answer to all of the problems that the WWE is currently facing. Even though guys like Triple H, Batista, Cena, Taker, Michaels, and Y2J are still around... nobody brings the people to their feet like The Rock does.

The only other wrestling legend that would re-electrify the WWE like The Rock would, may be Hulk Hogan, but he is too busy dealing with his own drama.