Matt Hayden Retiring, Australia Winning

Ankit MishraContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

It has been a long long time since my last post—a year some tell me. Technically, yes. The wait, though, is over now. The Free Hit is back and its bigger, badder and more likely to antagonise you with the rotten truth than ever.

Oh look, you dropped something. ITS YOUR JAW, you idiot. Enough reader plagiarising, lets cut to the chase.

Matty Hayden of Chennai Super Kings fame had walked silently into oblivion. But wait, there is more—he has now retired. Was that news? I call it olds! People blame the BCCI for inventing the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (referred hereon as VRS). Maybe we invented it, but the Australians are implementing it big time. Look at the curious case of Steven Waugh, or now Matthew Hayden!

Talking about Matty, I think he was great. Honestly. He was the main guinea pig in a very important experiment conducted by the almighty god. The experiment was to prove that all a cricketer had to do to find legendary form was to tour India. An experiment which was successful and was beneficial to many players.

Andy Flower and Pup Clarke would testify. Probably not so much Flower—he was really great. Anyways, good bye Hayden. Have a good life, and never go out fishing with Symmo when your wife wants to have a meeting and discuss serious marriage issues.

Meanwhile, Australia have started winning again. What if they are good for nothing T20s. They love winning and now they are doing what they love. The Warner dude choked in the second match. No. I am being too harsh! FYI, Warner has already been gobbled up by Greg Shippherd over at Delhi Daredevils, which, apparently, is the team I totally support. So dude, stop choking and start being rich.

The title of this post contains two phrases which may or may not be related. Thank You.