The True Meaning of Memorabilia

Ryan SmithCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

Let's face it, we love the signatures of our favorite players. Kids always wait by the fences and fight others kids for autographs. I myself have only been lucky once.

What's the reason for memorabilia? Is it to show to friends? To put in a case and display it? Or to bring back memories?

The reason is all three. Come on, we all love to brag, and what's the point of having something special if you can't display it?

Now, the most important reason is probably the third. Don't we all love to recall memories from our past?

I am a memorabilia fanatic. I have memorabilia from all of the greats. I have autographs from Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Robin Roberts, and Jim Bunning, just to name a few.

My best memory takes me back to when I was in sixth grade, about two years ago. My mom had gotten tickets to Jamie Moyer's Celebrity Waiters Dinner/Auction. I was a little nervous because I had never gone to Citizens Bank Park in a formal outfit.

As I got of the elevator and walked into one of the fancy club rooms, I looked around and saw Chase Utley. I get intimidated when I meet people like him because they are just great players. 

I walked over and asked for his autograph. He signed my program, and I got a picture taken with him. Even though he had a broken hand, he still signed it perfectly.

Then, as we were walking back to the elevator to go back downstairs to the reception area, I met my all-time favorite player, Jamie Moyer. He also signed my program, and I got a picture with him. We talked for a while, and then we went downstairs. 

During the auction, my dad got me a autographed home plate signed by the entire 2007 Phillies team. It is my most prized possession. 

The last memory I'll share from that wonderful day was when I "met" Ryan Howard. As I waited for the players to come back from their meeting outside, I looked to my left and saw Ryan Howard. My jaw dropped when I saw how big he was compared to me (I was about 4'9"). 

Another memorabilia memory is not my own but my grandpop's. Around 1987 (he doesn't remember) and during a fundraiser in Florida, my  grandpa and grandma met Joe DiMaggio and Tommy Lasorda. It turned out that my great-great grandma came from the same town as Tommy Lasorda's parents. 

My grandpa was very excited because DiMaggio was his favorite player while Lasorda was his favorite manager. He got their autograph's and a picture with the two. (That's not it above).

Well, there's no point in denying it. We love memorabilia, but that's not a bad thing. Though some people think that they're worthless, they can help bring back our best memories.    

I wouldn't mind hearing your own memorabilia memories, just post them under the comments.