Cenation vs. Team Bring It: Who Will You Fight for at WrestleMania 28?

Tyler LutzContributor IIIMarch 15, 2012

As the road to WrestleMania 28 gets shorter, excitement among the WWE Universe is growing and fans are eagerly anticipating the match that will mark the end of a yearlong feud.  It’s no secret that on April 1, 2012, The Rock and John Cena will square off in possibly the biggest match in WWE history. 

With just under a month remaining until these two sports-entertainment titans do battle, it’s time to pick your side.  Do you favor The Brahma Bull or The Doctor of Thuganomics? Before you commit, consider this:

There’s a lot of talk about who will win this match and why they will do so.  Some say The Rock will win because the match will be held in front of his former hometown crowd in Miami. 

Others say John Cena will win because he is the face of the WWE and the match will be symbolic of the old generation “passing the torch” to the new generation, much like the Rock/Hogan match at WrestleMania 18. 

The problem with the hometown theory is that The Rock always does what is good for business when it comes to wrestling, whether he wins, loses, or draws. 

He has had a successful career in the WWE as a wrestler and in Hollywood as an actor, so neither reputation nor future success is on the line for “The Great One.” 

If Vince McMahon puts in an order for him to lose, that’s exactly what The Rock will be cooking on April 1.  It takes more than winning a match to entertain the crowd, and I think The Rock understands that. 

Of course, the Miami crowd wants The Rock to win, but I believe The Rock is more interested in performing and entertaining these days rather than winning.

When it comes to John Cena, the poster boy/torch passing theory is also less than perfect.  True, Cena is the poster boy for the company at the moment, but for how much longer will he be? 

His near 10-year career in the WWE makes him a veteran of the trade, and there are several young superstars backstage waiting to become “the man” when given the proper push. 

As for this match serving as a “torch-passing” moment from the old generation to the new, is John Cena really an accurate representation of the new generation these days?

He began his career with WWE in the last part of the attitude era, and he has more or less been on top of the wrestling mountain since he won his first world championship in 2005. 

If this match is a torch-passing event, shouldn’t The Rock be getting pinned by the likes of Zack Ryder at Sun Life Stadium?

From my side of the barricade, it seems that the only thing either superstar has to gain is the beltless title of the WWE’s alpha male. 

Raise an eyebrow, shuffle a knuckle, pick your side, and watch the magic unfold on April 1, 2012.