NCAA Tournament: Is Your Bracket Better Than a Four-Year-Old's?

Dan LevyNational Lead WriterMarch 15, 2012

Every year since she could sit up on her own, my daughter, Zoe, has been picking her bracket. Each year, it seems to be getting better and better. Heck, last year the kid had Butler winning the national title. Of course, I found out a week into the tournament she picked Butler because it gave her six opportunities to say the word "butt" without getting in trouble.

Now, Zoe is almost five years old, and clearly, she's been studying. The video shows highlights of Zoe's official 2012 bracket. Here is a breakdown:


South Region Winners

Second Round: Kentucky, Iowa State, VCU, New Mexico State, Colorado, South Dakota State, Xavier, Lehigh

Third Round: Iowa State, New Mexico State, South Dakota State, Lehigh

Sweet 16: Iowa State, South Dakota State

Elite Eight: Iowa State (advances to Final Four)


West Region Winners

Second Round: LIU, Saint Louis, New Mexico, Davidson, Colorado, BYU, Virginia, Missouri

Third Round: Saint Louis, New Mexico, BYU, Mizzou

Sweet 16: New Mexico, Mizzou

Elite Eight: Mizzou (advances to Final Four)


East Region Winners

Second Round: UNC-Ashville, Southern Miss, Harvard, Montana, Texas, Florida State, West Virginia, Ohio State

Third Round: Southern Miss, Montana, Texas, Ohio State

Sweet 16: Montana, Ohio State

Elite Eight: Ohio State (advances to Final Four)


Midwest Region Winners

Second Round: "Lamont", Alabama, Temple, Michigan, NC State, Georgetown, Saint Mary's, Kansas

Third Round: Alabama, Temple, Georgetown, Kansas

Sweet 16: Alabama, Kansas

Elite Eight: Kansas (advances to Final Four)


Final Four

Iowa State


Ohio State



Title Game




National Champion



Can your kids top that bracket? Heck, can you top it?