Things I Know I Think

Rich DillonContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

Random thoughts from the world of pro wrestling:

If TNA's motto is "Cross the Line," presumably a good thing, then why do the announcers keep referring to the heels "crossing the line" as a bad thing?  I'm confused...  Isn't it time for the WWE to unify their singles and tag titles?  I can't ever remember which title is which... If you want a good drinking game during TNA shows, drink every time Don West says " unbelievable."  I guarantee you will be wasted by the end of the second match.  I love West's enthusiasm, but now I just don't believe anything anymore... If you want to know how a heel should act, look no further than Chris Jericho...  The TNA Frontline may be the lamest group ever put together. No wonder the fans are cheering the Main Event Mafia, even though they are supposed to be the heels...  Kofi Kingston is a future superstar...  JBL would make a great heel manager, if the WWE still used managers... Why aren't there managers in wrestling anymore?...  The Cena-Michaels match from RAW last night was worthy of a PPV Main Event...  Does anyone outside of the TNA writers think that the Sarah Palin skits are funny?  The Beautiful People of very entertaining, but not in these skits...  ROH is in negotiations with HDNet for a 30-minute show on that network.  While I would love to see ROH get a tv show, I think an hour-long show would be much more (maybe twice as much) beneficial to the product...  So, what are your thoughts?