NFL Free Agent Signings: Buying or Selling Every Day 2 Signing

Nick DeWitt@@nickdewitt11Analyst IMarch 15, 2012

NFL Free Agent Signings: Buying or Selling Every Day 2 Signing

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    Day two is a wrap! The biggest fish (Peyton Manning and Mario Williams) are still swimming in the waters, but there was a flurry of activity on the second day of free agency. Some of it was excellent and insightful. Some of it was passable but questionable. Some of it was downright bad.

    Here's a look at what I'm buying and selling from day two.

Best Deal of Day Two

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    Brandon Carr, Five Years with Dallas

    This one wins for me. Dallas has sorely needed help in the secondary for the better part of a decade. The Cowboys dumped some old players before free agency and now have a young guy who is and up-and-comer.

    Carr should be a playmaker in Dallas for years to come, and he finally gives the Cowboys defense a good cover corner who can nab some interceptions. I can't wait to see him get some work with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

    This could be the best deal of free agency so far because the numbers are reasonable and it fits the player and team like a glove.

Definitely Buying

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    Cory Redding, Three Years with Indianapolis

    The Colts are in full rebuilding mode. Adding a veteran might seem like a misstep, but leadership is important. Redding has some years left in him, and he has been a great asset for the Ravens for years. Now he takes his game to Indianapolis and a defense that could use some fresh blood. Dwight Freeney has to be happy.

    Jarret Johnson, Four Years with San Diego

    Johnson is another good player who doesn't get nearly the credit he's due. Now he heads to a San Diego defense that needs some help. The Chargers took a step back almost everywhere last year as they missed the playoffs in a weak division. Now they have some help infused at linebacker, where they looked weak last season.

    Le'Ron McClain, Three Years with San Diego

    The Bolts struck again here. Their running game has been just about acceptable (read: mediocre most of the time) since LaDainian Tomlinson and Michael Turner bolted town. They have some nice backs in Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews. Now they have a big bruiser to block for them and nab some carries as well.

    Laurent Robinson, Five Years with Jacksonville

    The Jaguars have needed a receiver since Jimmy Smith left. That's only been about forever. Now they have an up-and-coming guy with a ton of upside. Robinson had a good year with Dallas, but he was lost behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Now he's going to be the go-to guy. I think he can do it.

    Carl Nicks, Five Years with Tampa Bay

    Tampa Bay needed to protect Josh Freeman. They had to open up their checkbook again, but they did just that. Nicks was someone that New Orleans wanted to keep in the worst way, but they've got too many plates spinning right now. Tampa Bay hurt a rival while helping themselves. Nicks instantly makes Freeman more comfortable on his drops, which will help him find new target Vincent Jackson.

Neutral Territory

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    Kyle Orton, Three Years with Dallas

    I don't get this deal at all. With all of the teams in the league looking for quarterback help, Orton went to a team that already has a franchise passer? Either the interest in him was low, or he didn't want to wait for Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn to ink deals. This will be a waste of his prime years if Romo stays healthy. The only reason I can't sell it is because this deal is excellent for Dallas, who gets a seasoned veteran backup who can win games.

    Chad Henne, Two Years with Jacksonville

    Ho-hum. At best. I've talked a bit about them trading for Tim Tebow if he becomes available. This isn't that and isn't going to excite any fan. Henne is insurance for Blaine Gabbert, but he's not half the quarterback that Gabbert is right now. The Jags would have been better waiting for the market to shake out a bit before making this deal. I can't believe the interest in Henne was that great.

    Peyton Hillis, One Year with Kansas City

    I guess the Chiefs will let Jackie Battle walk. This could be a great deal if Hillis finds himself and teams up well with a healthy Jamaal Charles. It's low-risk for the Chiefs, so that makes it okay, but this doesn't generate much excitement and I'm wondering if the Chiefs could have drafted a better option.

Definitely Selling

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    Eric Weems, Three Years with Chicago

    I'm not sure I understand this logic. Weems is a great returner. The Bears have all-world returner Devin Hester. Weems plays receiver. With the Brandon Marshall trade, the Bears have a decent receiving corps already. What does Weems give them? I'm not sure he brings anything unique to the table. He's a good player, but he doesn't make Chicago noticeably better.

    Martellus Bennett, One Year with New York (Giants)

    Jake Ballard isn't good enough? What about the other guys they had who stepped up all season long? Someone tell me why Bennett makes this team better. He's a good player, but he should be starting for someone who needs a tight end. The Giants don't have a need for a tight end and will probably have to cut one of their in-house guys in the end to keep Bennett.

    Frostee Rucker, Five Years with Cleveland

    Really? They have all of that young, developing talent along the defensive line, yet they go out and pay big bucks for Rucker? Nothing against him. Like the other two guys above him, he's a good player who has come on strong recently, but he doesn't fit on a team that already has a lot of talent. I've heard about signing to make a team better, but this is overload. There are big areas of need for the Browns. This wasn't one.

    Eric Wright, Five Years with Tampa Bay

    Tampa Bay has made some nice moves. This one is possibly one of them, but right now it just seems like a waste. Tampa has bigger needs and could have drafted to fill this position with a player of equal or better talent and certainly more youth and upside. Instead they have five years of a guy whom I just don't find that impressive.

Worst Deal of Day Two

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    DeSean Jackson, Five Years with Philadelphia

    What? This guy has all the talent in the world, but like Terrell Owens before him he's also a world-class egomaniac. Unfortunately, Jackson doesn't have the credentials yet that Owens had. But he does have a fancy, new, five-year deal with a team that was frustrated as all get out by him in 2011.

    This would have been a parting that, while painful on the team's talent pool, would have been good for both. Instead we get to find out just how much Jackson can tick off Andy Reid next season.

    I just don't like this deal at all. It ties up a guy who didn't act like he wanted to play for the Eagles much last year, and it also pays him like a top talent (which he is) after he showed a minimum of effort.

    It's like rewarding a baseball player who doesn't leg out a grounder because he's tired and it's hot out on the field.