Why Is Nick Diaz the No. 2 Welterweight in the World?

Spinalmanu the FirstCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2012

Why Is Nick Diaz the No. 2 Welterweight in the World?

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    The Las Vegas lights softened the judges' heads at UFC 143 to the point that Carlos Condit walked away with a win over Nick Diaz for the UFC's interim welterweight title.

    Despite this technical blip, Nick Diaz is the No. 2 welterweight in the world and will most likely dethrone Georges St-Pierre in early 2013.

    The only real opponent for the Stockton bad boy is his affair with Mary Jane.

Diaz Actually Beat Condit

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    Although the fight was closer than Diaz fans will admit, Condit lost at least three of the five rounds. The rounds Condit did win were purely based on strike count; there was no sign of the "Natural Born Killer."

    Because the UFC has adopted boxing's 10-point must system (that is, the winner of the round gets 10, loser gets nine or less), judges have to subjectively gauge who won each round.

    It seems they were only watching the CompuStrike numbers and not the fight. As much as Condit regularly out-pointed Diaz, he did no visible damage.

    Meanwhile, Diaz pushed Condit into retreat and made his face swell. It was fight vs. flight.

    Octagon control plus carnage should be of greater value than strike count. Especially when the strikes could classify as acupressure.

Ellenberger Beat Condit Up; Diaz Beat Penn, Daley and Santos Up

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    Condit legitimately pulled out a split-decision win over Jake Ellenberger, but he still got beat up.

    Cyborg Santos and Paul Daley have at least as much stand-up dynamite as Ellenberger. And Diaz beat them up proper. 

    Then Diaz neutralized and dismantled BJ Penn.

    Diaz is putting heavy-handed opponents away. Condit is evading and out-striking them.

    The UFC is not a per-strike pointing system, à la regional Karate tournament. Condit makes a great Karate kid, but Diaz is hurting people in there.

Diaz Fights While the Jackson Camp Play-Fights

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    I am no fan of Diaz.

    But I will hand it to Nicky, he comes to bang. And everyone loves to watch.

    If you ask me to rate the top three fighters in the UFC's welterweight division, I would place Diaz at No. 1. But I'll settle for convincing the reader to give Diaz second place.

    Ask yourself (while watching yourself in the mirror and checking for neurological signs of deception), which fight are you willing to pay for the most?


    Or Condit-GSP?

    Everyone and their hamster wants a Diaz-GSP pay-per-view. Why? Because it's the best fight in the entire welterweight cosmos.

    Technical dilly dallies aside, we all know there's more fight TNT in a Diaz-GSP headliner. Which would make no mathematical sense unless Diaz was a superior fighter than Condit.

GSP Wants Diaz Badly

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    Why? Because he knows beating Diaz means a heck of a lot more than fighting the poor man's GSP (i.e. Condit).

    Diaz is the real test of GSP's will to war.

    Diaz can get under GSP's skin because the Québecer knows the Stockton native might just be able to walk his talk.

    GSP's psyche is tipping its hand: Diaz is the biggest threat.