TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: A Contract Signing, Bad Blood, and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 15, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling keeps it coming as another new episode is presented this week!

The company has been on quite the roll lately and there is no sign of them slowing down.

TNA Wrestling has confirmed two matches as well as four segments for the show.

Let’s see what they have in store for the fans this week!


The Family Feud Continues: What’s Next for the Bischoff’s?

Ever since "Bound for Glory", Eric Bischoff has been feuding with his son Garret. The younger Bischoff tried to stop his father from further attacking Hulk Hogan, and that didn't sit too well with the former head of TNA.

Eric has since sent Gunner on the attack, and the Immortal Lackey took out Garret. The young Bischoff returned, though, much to the dismay of his father.

With Hulk Hogan as his trainer, Garret failed to defeat Gunner at "Against All Odds", but despite losing the match, Garret returned still wanting to live his dream as a wrestler.

Last week, Garret was given a main event spot, teaming up with Jeff Hardy to take on Gunner and Kurt Angle.

Garret and Hardy picked up the victory and now the son has the momentum over his father.

Will Eric Bischoff gain revenge this week or can Garret one up his father once again?


Wedding Bells Are Ringing: Eric Young and ODB Plan Their Ceremony

Eric Young and ODB were brought together during the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament and ever since then EY has been enamored with the former Knockout’s champion.

ODB didn’t seem too impressed at first, but she started to like the odd wrestler as well.

A few weeks ago, ODB faced Gail Kim in a losing effort, but was able to defeat her partner Madison Rayne the following week.

Last week, Young approached Sting wanting to give ODB something special. The Icon gave her a shot at both of the Knockout’s tag team champions, Gail and Madison.

When asking who her partner would be, Sting told EY that he would be her partner.

Later on in the night, the inter-gender team defeated the champions to win the belts. The celebration didn’t end there, though, as EY got down on one knee and proposed to ODB.

ODB then took the ring and did the same. Young said yes and the wedding was on.

This week, the happy couple begins to plan their wedding.

What kind of ceremony will these two have planned?


Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

When Samoa Joe and Magnus were brought together for the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament, nobody expected them to work so well as a team.

They worked so great together, they ended up winning the tournament and challenged for the Tag Team Championships at "Genesis" in January.

They failed to win the titles but refused to stay down. They began to attack Matt Morgan and Crimson week in and week out until they received another shot at the titles.

They got that shot at "Against All Odds" and won the belts.

Since then, the new champions defended their titles in the rematch and received a spot in the main event while Morgan and Crimson had to earn another shot.

Morgan and Crimson defeated the Shore to gain a shot at "Victory Road".

This week, the TNA fans will get a little preview of the tag match as one-half of the champions, Samoa Joe, will take on the former champion Crimson.

Can Samoa Joe defeated Crimson and break his undefeated streak or will Crimson take down the Samoan Submission Machine?


A Special Announcement: What Does Austin Aries Have in Store for TNA Fans?


Austin Aries is a man who prides himself on being the “Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.”

Aries first appeared in TNA in 2005 and spent two years with company before heading back to Ring of Honor.

Aries returned to TNA last summer while the company was holding matches featuring former and new X-Division talent battling for a contract with TNA Wrestling.

At "Destination X", he won a fatal-four way match and earned employment. Aries immediately set his sights on the X-Division Championship and would win the title in September.

Since then, he has defeated everyone TNA has put in front of him, and as of this past Monday, Aries became the longest reigning X-Division champion—surpassing the previous record of 182 days.

A few weeks ago, Aries became tired of not getting a main event spot; so, he received one in a six-man tag match. While his team lost, Aries received his shot and made the most of it.

Last week, Sting forced him to defend his title against Zema Ion, but he lost by disqualification. Despite this, he retained the title.

This week, A Double has a special announcement for the TNA fans.

What does Austin Aries have to say? Is he starting his quest for the World Heavyweight Championship?


Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels


Mr. Anderson has been missing from TNA since November. The entertaining former WWE star was certainly missed, but he wouldn’t be missed for long.

A.J. Styles has been entangled in a ridiculously long feud with Christopher Daniels for quite some time, but this time the Fallen Angel has some help in the form of Kazarian.

After Styles wasn’t able to keep them at bay, he brought in some help last week.

Mr. Anderson returned and helped the TNA Original clear the ring of his enemies.

This week, Anderson returns to the ring as he takes on Daniels.

Can Mr. Anderson win his return match or will Christopher Daniels stop him short?


A Contract Signing: What Will Happen as Bobby Roode and Sting Make Their Match Official?

Bobby Roode and Sting have been on a collision course ever since Roode won the World Heavyweight Championship in October.

The self-proclaimed leader of the Selfish Generation has been defying every single decision Sting has made and the Icon has grown increasingly madder as the months went by.

As the punishments were delivered, Roode also became quite angry with the way Sting has been running things.

After "Against All Odds", Sting finally had enough and tried to screw Roode out of the title. It backfired and Roode ended up retaining the belt.

On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Sting forced him to defend his title against Jeff Hardy. Roode had finally had enough and attacked the Stinger that same night.

Sting then declared that he was done doing things halfway and booked himself in a non-title match against Roode at "Victory Road".

Since then, Sting has been one-upping the champion with his match-making decisions and this week the two will make the match official with a contract signing.

Will this continue the trend of uneventful contract signings in TNA or will blood be drawn?


TNA looks like they’ll be presenting another solid show this week! As long as Garret Bischoff stays out of the main even,t the show should be good.

Will it be? Tune in to find out!


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